BTS RM receives divided reactions after updating his Instagram amid controversy

BTS RM’s Instagram update

1. I guess he still doesn’t know about the controversy. I know he was the member who spoke out about sajaegi

2. Is this the member who talked about sajaegi?

3. I’m looking forward to this album ㅠㅜ

4. There’s been a lot of news about the controversy, so it’s impossible that he didn’t know

5. Fans were worried that the members would get hurt so I guess that’s why he posted it

6. Is he not in the army??

7. The comments are pathetic

8. He posted the photo because his album is coming out. Are you guys crazy?

9. I’m really looking forward to this album!

10. No apology for sajaegi?

11. Shouldn’t he apologize first?

12. Isn’t apologizing for sajaegi better than promoting the album?

13. But I’m really curious. I wonder if BTS knows about the controversy

14. I’m really looking forward to Namjoon’s song

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