BTS RM reveals his thoughts on marriage

RM “Is it possible to get married in my life? Marriage skepticism”

RM said, “I think people born in the 1990s are especially skeptical of marriage. Can something like that ever happen in my life?”

He continued, “In the past, I thought of marriage as a natural process in life, but just a few years ago I thought to myself ‘it’s possible that I may end up not getting married.’ Once I started thinking like that, I can’t move on from that thought.”

1. Namjoon-ah, please continue like this ^^

2. From a woman’s point of view, I feel that I am constantly being forced to make sacrifices in my marriage, so I feel that it requires a lot of determination. That’s why it’s great that I’m not married

3. Namjoon-ah, I agree

4. Married or not married, I hope you can choose the happiest!!

5. I was really happy when Namjoon said that yesterday

6. I support not getting married

7. Please call me when you decide to get married, Namjoon-ah

8. When I was very young, I just wanted to get married someday, but now I don’t know…

9. Namjoon-ah, don’t get married anymore

10. Either way, I hope Namjoon is happy

11. I remember Namjoon said his dream is to become a father in an interview in America

12. That’s right.. I wonder if it’s necessary to get married, and every time I think about it, I can’t stop thinking about not getting married

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