BTS RM reveals his thoughts on marriage

RM “Is it possible to get married in my life? Marriage skepticism”

RM said, “I think people born in the 1990s are especially skeptical of marriage. Can something like that ever happen in my life?”

He continued, “In the past, I thought of marriage as a natural process in life, but just a few years ago I thought to myself ‘it’s possible that I may end up not getting married.’ Once I started thinking like that, I can’t move on from that thought.”

1. Namjoon-ah, please continue like this ^^

2. From a woman’s point of view, I feel that I am constantly being forced to make sacrifices in my marriage, so I feel that it requires a lot of determination. That’s why it’s great that I’m not married

3. Namjoon-ah, I agree

4. Married or not married, I hope you can choose the happiest!!

5. I was really happy when Namjoon said that yesterday

6. I support not getting married

7. Please call me when you decide to get married, Namjoon-ah

8. When I was very young, I just wanted to get married someday, but now I don’t know…

9. Namjoon-ah, don’t get married anymore

10. Either way, I hope Namjoon is happy

11. I remember Namjoon said his dream is to become a father in an interview in America

12. That’s right.. I wonder if it’s necessary to get married, and every time I think about it, I can’t stop thinking about not getting married

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But I wasn’t done…

My man 30 years old still got bitches telling him what to do with his love life. I hope he gets married eventually and has a bunch of kids with no remorse for these lunatics


Why would you want him to do something he doesn’t want to…? U weirdo

Lazy Banana

Yeah but I bet these fans who comment for him never to get married are gonna shit on him when he does just like those crazy exols who shit on Chen for getting married. Like, it’s fine if Joon doesn’t wanna get married, but these people are lowkey seeming to be deep inside hoping he never does cause when he does, their delusional world will crumble and they will go to Pann to spread hate.


who cares about some a/ssholes with no social life spending their time on the internet?

But I wasn’t done…

Exactly. It’s not about if he doesn’t wanna get married it’s that they hoping he don’t cuz they’re possessive. Ppl on this site act like they can’t read between the lines with knets.

But I wasn’t done…

That’s not what I was getting at dummy. He can get married or not but the fans are known to push them away from marriage and dating. In give years he may change his mind because he’s human but knets will never accept that man getting married.


As I read from the response, they’re all wishing for his happiness whether he will be married or not. And here I am wishing the same for him, for his happiness only.


it’s not that deep. it sounds like a joke


i know those parasocial freaks are disgusting but why are you straight up ignoring what joon said?




F**k i am on the point where it’s family expectation of mine to get married after 5 years. And tbh I am literally not ready for it. And I don’t think I ever will be. It’s just too much. Living a life as a single person seems much convenient for me. With marriage there are certain expectations you need to fulfill. And in many ways I think I am lacking a lot. And I don’t want to involve another person in my mess. I think I can understand what he thinks. But this is life and we really don’t know what will happen in next 10 years…


honestly, he’s one of the few people who openly spoke about his skepticism towards getting married. since i turned 18, there’s this expectation on me to do the “normal things” like dating and then eventually getting married. but i dont like any of those. and im glad that other people, especially someone i admire, is sharing that kind of view with me. i enjoy being with myself and go out with just my friends without having thoughts like “my partner wouldnt like this and that” or “i should be considerate of my partner”. that probably sounds selfish to some, but in this day (and economy), dating and marriage is just a burden and too costly in my view.

Last edited 9 months ago by blabla

Married is not the peak of happiness
And i agree with comment #2, married and having kids sounds like slavery for me


Me too. I’m not the marriage type. Well…maybe later when I found someone that I really love to the point of wanting to get married, but now getting married had never even crossed my mind nor was on my priority list in life. I like being with myself.


Let him do with his life what makes him happy. 


we have the same thought.when i was 18 i saw marriage as sth natural & undeniable cause my family & society was going like this.i even imagined my future husband & kids & all..
now i don’t even consider it.i don’t like dating,having partner,getting married.this whole thing is not my type i can say.i agree with him & comment 2.i just want peace with myself.

Last edited 9 months ago by roza
Lazy Banana

The comments asking Namjoon to never get married screams delusional fan ngl. If Namjoon doesn’t want to get married right now, we’re gonna respect it and if he decides to get married someday, we’re also gonna respect that. Let’s not dictate a grown man.


11. I remember Namjoon said his dream is to become a father in an interview in America
This can be achieved without getting married. I have similar thoughts too…

Last edited 9 months ago by Colin

He said later in a vlive that he wouldn’t want kids because they might be like him as a kid


is this the dude who gets turned on by rape and black women fetish ?
armie’s father indeed lol


Isn’t a beepee member buddy buddy with a fucken rapist? How does that work twinem?


is spreading misinformation on the internet your job??


It’s true. I feel the same way, wondering if I really wanna get married.

Grace Walker

Lol, Never say never in the future he will probably get married when the right girl comes along at the right time.


right “person”. don’t assume his sexuality


I am also afraid of marriage. Unnecessary responsibility and stress. Just because society accepts it doesn’t mean I’m going to get married. Love you Namjoon. I hope you can choose the best for you ❤️


marriage isnt worth it unless your with someone whos just has u over the moon to the point u want to get married


I feel everyone has this thought at some point in their lives…usually after a bad breakup you think maybe marriage is just not in the cards. Maybe it will happen maybe it wont i hope joon continues to be happy though


11. I remember Namjoon said his dream is to become a father in an interview in America

Its funny becasue he recently said he used to want kids and now when he thinks about having a kid like he was (emphatically shakes head)

Last edited 9 months ago by Yaym3

I think this comes from heartbreak. I remember a few yrs ago RM said he wanted to be a father and that’s why it’s been a popular joke that RM is married and with 3 kids.
Hope he choose what makes him the happiest


I with him on this. It sucks bc society (esp my family) puts so much emphasis on marriage, conflating it with maturity and being independent (ironically).

But marriage is such a hassle and divorce is an even bigger hassle (legally speaking) that I really think it best that a person should get married once they’re absolutely sure of who they want to spend the rest of their lives with and that’s ONLY if they both want to get married in the first place.

Tbh, relationships really don’t need to have a marriage to be maintained. Marriages just sometimes makes things financially or legally easier, and that’s still smt you can work around without getting married anyways if you really want to (well, I’m only speaking for my country, that is).

Although, having kids between 2 ppl is a LOT easier if they’re married too, ngl (legally speaking again).

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