BTS RM’s new album ‘Indigo’ rated by British music critic on NME

5 stars

1. This album deserves 5 stars. It’s just a masterpiece

2. All songs are good

3. As expected, this album is a masterpiece

4. The songs are so good, especially the lyrics

5. I really like the songs ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I keep listening to it

6. Seriously, it’s a masterpiece, and it’s even better when the critics acknowledge it

7. I really like this album

8. I knew it would be like this, I love this album so much

9. I really like all the songs

10. It’s a masterpiece that everyone in the world should listen to.. Music, lyrics, composition and message, everything is perfect

11. I know how hard he worked. I hope more people will listen to it

12. Not because I’m a fan, but I really like it, people all over the world, please listen!!

13. Seriously, it’s a masterpiece ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

14. This is the best album this year

15. I listened to the album and it was so good

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I can’t decide which is my favorite song, it changes as I listen to them. 


Indigo is honestly the album of my life.
I feel the lyrics, the songs, the concept, the message, the stories! All of them! I feel them deep.


Love u baby you’ve worked hard for indigo 🥺💜


Proud of Namjoon and how far he’s come as an artist and musician. He really outdid himself with this album, in every aspect.

I’m looking forward to reading the think pieces and interpretations that will come out bc of it too. The critic reviews were great but they have nothing on the deep dive fans and music lovers tend to write.


Listen, the first three tracks alone are crazyyyyyy.


This Genius-IQ=148, from very young age: award-winning poet/writer, even on poetry web- sites! At 11 yrs old, local newspaper ppublished his deep poem:”The Re-Unification of N. & S. Korea” + then hearing Epik High’s rap/hip-hop: changed his deep poems into deep lyrics + melodies + beats + constant practiced/improving his rap skills!!The at 13 yrs old was into 🔥underground rapper/wrter/producer, solo + with group Daenamhyup, doing collabs, etc, against his worried parents’ wishes(they destroyed his computer), so he’d sneak out some- times, till at 16 yrs old, he wowed CEO Bang PD who helped RM convince his parents!!❤❤

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