BTS side is saying that it is viral marketing on SNS, not sajaegi

BTS side, “Viral marketing on SNS, not sajaegi”…

Big Hit Music, BTS’s management company, announced on April 29 via Weverse, “This is a case where Big Hit Music was threatened by a partner company in 2017, the perpetrator was sentenced to 1 year in prison for extortion and fraud.”

The company denied BTS’s sajaegi controversy, explaining, “The inappropriate marketing activities mentioned in the criminal’s blackmail and threats were one-sided statements by the criminal. That marketing is basically regular viral marketing on SNS.”

It is known that the Court’s ruling at that time clearly stated that ‘Big Hit Music was blackmailed due to illegal sajaegi’. This ruling recently surfaced, causing increasing controversy

1. They covered the sky with their palm

2. No, the ruling has been given. Do you think those of us who saw that ruling are idiots? Do you consider the public to be idiots?

3. Do you mean that ruling is wrong?

4. They think the public is stupid

5. I guess they should sue the judge

6. Are you criticizing judges and courts?

7. If I were a fan, I’d be really angry. They say “BTS side” in an article like this

8. You can crush the judge, right?

9. But why did you give money to the perpetrator who committed extortion and fraud?

10. How will the ruling be explained??? Does that mean the judge has made mistakes up to this point?

11. You mean the judge lied?

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