BTS, Son Heung Min, or Kim Yuna, netizens talk about the most famous Korean in the world

Who is the most famous Korean in the world?

Including celebrities, athletes, etc.

1. BTS

2. Yoo Jae Suk?

3. It must be BTS

4. Son Heung Min?

5. Kim Yuna

6. Son Heung Min…?

7. I think of Kim Yuna

8. It seems to be BTS.. or Son Heung Min. BTS is so popular… I live abroad (Canada), but BTS is as popular as famous pop singers

9. Psy

10. President

11. Son Heung Min, Kim Yuna, BTS

12. It’s BTS, if you look at the US, Europe, Japan, China, Southeast Asia, South America and Arabia, BTS is everywhere in the world. If you look at travel YouTubers, even if they go to Africa or remote areas, everyone knows BTS

13. I’m not sure, I think it’s Son Heung Min

14. BTS or Kim Yuna?

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BTS then Son. As for Yuna, she isn’t nearly as popular overseas as knets thinks she is. That actress from squid game is probably even more popular than her. As for psy, he is very popular, but the problem lays in the fact that most people don’t know that he is Korean to begin with.


Agree. Plus figure skating actually not as popular as football. Knetizens overhype kim yuna popularity internationally.


I can guarantee you that Kim Yuna is not that well known globally. Footballers are more popular because of the sport itself.


Bts sneak


Definitely bts, with the standard males being Andrew tate wannabes, women have transitioned to loving twinks, since they give them the delusions they need, basically platonic prostitution and even porn judging by their fanfics, bts to women is the equivalent to mia khalifa for men

WhatsThe Point

Get a job!


I’m on my lunch break right now,
And i know the truth hurts but facts are facts


these are not facts , these are all just statements that you made based on your thoughts only


Y’all can’t even refute with arguments, fanfic accounts and videos with millions of views, all the parasocial weirdness, every body knows

meow meow

don’t argue they are just a troll 😭 super lame and corny let’s just downvote 🙏


NURSE, get this man his meds!


Did i pop your delusional bubble lok


Standard being andrew tate girl who in the world have andrew tate as their type like be fr seems like you haven’t met with good men there are a lot of men who are better than your type or maybe you like those misogynistic type

WhatsThe Point

Worldwide popularity is definitely going to BTS no debate


nobody knows kim yuna lmaooo 😂
& son is famous only among the dumb soccer fans!
but bts are true famous


Among dumb kpop fans


Yeah including you


Yet here you are on a kpop site constantly commenting. I’m not a psychologist, but what does that make you?


We all know that only BTS is known worldwide. The rest are recognized only in specific places, related to their profession.


Nobody knows Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Yuna outside Korea lol😭 Son Heung Min and BTS are the most popular, but BTS is just popular as a group and brand cause nobody except r*tarded kpop fans knows each member’s name and how their faces individually looks!!


you’re probably from the west cause Yoo Jae Suk is quite famous. He’s one of the fixed and original cast of Running Man and this show is very popular globally until China even made their own version of this show. He’s famous at Asia

Guest Usernames Are Cowards

Lmao imagine exerting this much effort for a group you hate 😂.

Midnight Sun

Seungri obviously

d d



My utmost respect to all the other non-BTS celebs mentioned there. They are the most loved and the most known nationally —rightfully so. They have their share of intl fans too, and yeah SHM is generally known to the intl public (to an extent).

I thought (and am objectively convinced) the answer to the question is obvious. But this post probably just proves again tht korean public is still unaware of what a huge deal BTS is outside Korea


People barely know Kim Yuna. Neither does Son cos he’s also not at David Beckham’s level


Worldwide its definitely bts.


another episode of koreans having no clue how popular BTS is *rolling eyes*

meow meow

i’m always baffled at how unsupportive they are of bts 😭


Kim Yuna???


Son really isn’t as popular as koreans think. Unless like the top 5 players, only ppl who like football would know (yes even if football fans are massive) but they really underestimate kpop. Even if you don’t know much about kpop or Korea you’d still know and heard of bts. There’s just no way to not know unless you live somewhere with no internet


Only Mbappe (another than Messi and Ronaldo) got viral in America thanks to recent World Cup. Even then there are people still say who when they hear Messi and Ronaldo in the USA bc football is not that popular there, it’s starting though
And David Beckham thanks to Victoria bc without her group, no one would gaf about him there
That’s it. You have to be top 3 to be actually worldwide popular.
They’re really delusional when it comes to their sport stars.
But that’s what happens when hybe doesn’t do media play the way other companies do when only bts are relevant worldwide


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why did they say yoo jaesuk 😭 he’s only famous in sk not a bad thing but worldwide it’s only bts and sometimes psy


Notice no one mentioned flopink.

Guest Usernames Are Cowards

Sorry but have some knetz never been outside Korea? Cause wtf is with them naming Kim Yuna or Son Heungmin or Yoo Jaesuk… Kim Yuna isn’t as popular as they think. They might think she’s a goddess but barely anyone knows a gold medalist from the most recent Olympics, how much more from years ago.

Son is known among hardcore soccer fans but regular people won’t recognize him like they do Ronaldo or Messi or Beckham. BTS is the only right answer here. Like, idiots might argue but it’s undeniable atp. How many variety shows have gone abroad and ask do you know BTS? And guess what, most of them do. Not even just Korean shows, there was a Chinese show where they show Tao from EXO being mistaken for, guess who? That’s right, BTS. Ain’t nobody mistaking anyone for Kim Yuna, Yoo Jaesuk or Son Heungmin unless you are deep into Korean content or soccer. But people have heard of BTS, either positive or negative but people talk about them more.


Who ever did the PR of this Kim Yuna must have a book written about them my god. That too from a sport most people don’t care about .That is actually impressive. This even being questioned shows how underestimated BTSs popularity is .

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