BTS Suga appears on IU’s Color Palette (Suga x IU two-shot)

1. The two of them are so white

2. IU is seriously so pretty

3. Wow, IU has big eyes. She looks like a doll

4. I don’t understand why Suga and IU’s combination is so good, but I like it

5. Why are the two of them so cute?

6. Daebak, BTS’ individual activities are the best

7. The last picture is so cute

8. The two of them have good chemistry

9. Both are so white, so cute

10. The combination of the two of them is really good

11. Hul, look at the difference in hand size

12. Wow, this really happened?

13. Both are white, pretty and have a big difference in size

14. IU’s eyes are really big

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My favorite lil sims 😭 Looking forward to it!! Hope we’ll get IU on Suchwita as well


Need that 10m views


this episode is so fun ! I really love the live performance too huhu the harmonization iu and yoongi did in eight

WhatsThe Point

Watched the episode, it’s so cute. Learnt a lot of things


Lmao they had good fun banter and it was nice to hear two passionate artists talk about their craft

Overripe Tomato

IU and SUGA singing, performing together is DAEBAK!

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