BTS Suga explains why they can’t do a tour in China

BTS Suga: A tour in China? How can we do a Chinese tour when we can’t even perform in China?

“Chinese tour?”

“We can’t even perform in China, how can we do a tour?”

1. He’s right, why are you guys angry?

2. He’s right.. Are there any Korean singers performing in China?

3. It’s true, I feel sorry for the innocent Chinese ARMYs ㅜㅜ

4. He said he couldn’t do the tour in China because he couldn’t perform in China, so why are you mad at Yoongi?

5. If you’re angry with his comment, it’s proof that you’re Chinese

6. It’s true, they’re censoring BTS in Chinaㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. BTS wants to go and perform anywhere as long as there are ARMYs, but China doesn’t allow them

8. Fans asking about the China tour seem to be blind!

9. Chinese fans are not guilty, Suga is just telling the truth

10. No, damn, Suga said exactly what I wanted to say

11. Don’t use Suga to curse at China

12. Chinese ARMYs know why BTS can’t perform in China.. Suga is so cool

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feels bad for c-armys tho


Yess…the political situation between SK and China doesn’t allow any group, much more its BTS who is in the level of National Boygroup to perform at mainland China. Idk about Taiwan. They performed there many years ago.


Yeah.. I’d be sad if my fav could never come to my country

smack ma ass

Glad he spoke nicely about it

President Xi

Even though he want to do tour in China, I the president won’t allow it. China #1!!!


Yoongi’s so real for this, and glad he spoke up esp when there are ppl outside the industry who absolutely do not believe this ban exists.

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