BTS Suga lyrics are mentioned in the National Defense Commission

Han Ki Ho, a member of the People’s Power, showed the lyrics of the song by Suga, “They are saying that ‘We will do our national duty, you guys stop arguing’. Since we keep talking about this, they made a song. Why are we talking about this so much? They said they would go to the army.”

1. Honestly, BTS has never said that they don’t want to go to the army, and it’s not even time for them to go, but politicians keep talking about it. That’s why BTS gets cursed.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. He’s right.. Every time they talk about BTS’ military service, BTS gets cursed at… They’ll have to enlist anyway

3. Didn’t Suga write that lyrics for politicians? Rather, I think he was berating the politicians for trying to use BTS

4. They wrote the lyrics saying they’re going to the army, so stop talking about this

5. But why hasn’t Jin enlisted yet?

6. I just feel sorry for BTS

7. That’s right, leave them alone

8. They said that they would enlist in the army, leave them alone ㅋㅋ

9. He’s right. They said they wanted to go. Why do you guys keep trying to benefit them?

10. It’s funny that his lyrics are mentioned there

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