BTS Suga lyrics are mentioned in the National Defense Commission

Han Ki Ho, a member of the People’s Power, showed the lyrics of the song by Suga, “They are saying that ‘We will do our national duty, you guys stop arguing’. Since we keep talking about this, they made a song. Why are we talking about this so much? They said they would go to the army.”

1. Honestly, BTS has never said that they don’t want to go to the army, and it’s not even time for them to go, but politicians keep talking about it. That’s why BTS gets cursed.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. He’s right.. Every time they talk about BTS’ military service, BTS gets cursed at… They’ll have to enlist anyway

3. Didn’t Suga write that lyrics for politicians? Rather, I think he was berating the politicians for trying to use BTS

4. They wrote the lyrics saying they’re going to the army, so stop talking about this

5. But why hasn’t Jin enlisted yet?

6. I just feel sorry for BTS

7. That’s right, leave them alone

8. They said that they would enlist in the army, leave them alone ㅋㅋ

9. He’s right. They said they wanted to go. Why do you guys keep trying to benefit them?

10. It’s funny that his lyrics are mentioned there

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this discussion is annoying , jin obviously does not enlist yet because these politicians tell them not to , some people here and there are casually said like ‘ oh why don’t they just go’ like bts have more powers than their government like at the end of the day , they are just normal citizens 👤 and now that they got bts into being expo’s ambassador even after they announced they gonna take a break from group’s activities by asking their parents around , they gonna drag this again until the result of the voting for the expo released next year


He could’ve enlisted 3, 5 or 10 years ago. Why are you caping for 30-year-old grown men lol?

Danielle⁷ 🐋

If the Ministry of Defence issued BTS with papers to enlist – there is nothing BTS could do about it and they would go – like, its the law.

But it seems as the Ministry hasn’t issued any papers saying they should enlist…and with how much money BTS bring into the economy, I think they just keep delaying.


If they new bill hasn’t approved apparently Jin has to enlist it takes 6 months for the new bill to be conducted. Jin has to enlist this year there is no way he can be exempted at this stage


the member sing a song calling out politician but still let himself being used by politician. it’s all khiphop lyrics, dont take them seriously.


every other damn celeb and even citizens doesn’t enlist until the last minute where they have to so why keep asking why bts hasn’t enlisted yet. THEY DON’T HAVE TO YET. Their extension has been done and dealt with YEARS ago and Jin’s b-day isn’t till Dec.


the way bts agree with being ambassador for world expo. There is no way they don’t know they will involve in politics. And hag Jin said his stance was the same with hybe. And the way hybe’s bahave shows they don’t want to enlist at all. Stop defending your old hag. Your oppas don’t want to enlist the same with their company. They were waiting for that exemption but it turns out it is impossible now they have to enlist


You weirdo waiting for the military but i have a bad news for you. While you writing your fucking thoughts here, bts made history at today’s awards ceremony. keep waiting 🥺


Suga has a big mouth but got no big balls to enlist.


Can they just enlist?


Just some antis keep talking about it. I’m sure most of them have started biting their nails 🤣 bts is happy, bts is doing their job. You guys the only angry and jealousy one here

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