BTS Suga’s new album D-Day was rated by British music critic on NME

5 stars

1. This album is daebak

2. The whole album is good

3. This album is a masterpiece

4. The album is really good

5. All the songs are good, I hope more people listen to them

6. I listened to all the songs in the album, they are so good

7. I like all the songs

8. It’s a masterpiece with great songs!!

9. This album is a real masterpiece

10. It’s a great album, keep listening to it

11. The lyrics are crazy too

12. 5 stars.. I like all the songs in the album

13. I just listened to the album, and I’m comforted

14. I’m listening to it right now, but the songs make me cry

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It’s already getting such great critical reviews from various critics too~ Yoongi really did make a masterpiece. Bring on the think pieces!


Yoongi is a genius, he writes, composes, produces, raps and his singing voice in soft tones is not bad at all. I understand that others’ fans go crazy, they know their favs will never reach that level of mastery.  

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