BTS V and BLACKPINK Jisoo wearing the same hat at the airport

BTS V and BLACKPINK Jisoo wearing the same hat at the airport!!

It’s perfect for November airport fashion

[+16, -57]

1. [+23, -0] So what?ㅋㅋ Just collect all the same hats??

2. [+16, -22] V belongs to Jennie, don’t touch Jisoo

3. [+7, -7] Isn’t V the 5th member of BLACKPINK already??

4. [+6, -7] Don’t touch Jisoo, V already has Jennie, why do you guys keep shipping Jisoo with him?

5. [+5, -0] There are many idols who are sponsored by that brand, you will know if you search for it on Instagram

6. [+4, -0] I have that hat too, so the three of us are dating?

7. [+4, -7] V belongs to Jennie!

8. [+2, -0] Don’t touch Jisoo

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Y’all must be bored…


WTF THE V BELONGS TO JENNIE???? FCK Y’ALL just leave taehyung alone


Belongs to Jennie 😂 yeah he is an object that belongs to someone. And its so funny how people can see so many idols wear same shit not just 1-2. Get some help


Taehyung only belongs to himself, stop saying such stupid things, then you don’t want us to laugh at your ridiculous fandom.


they’re literally fighting over taehyung in the broad daylight…this fandom is unbelievable


they’re not fighting over taehyung. in fact, they’re giving him away. it’s like they’re saying ‘he’s with jennie. leave jisoo alone’ meaning they don’t want him associated with jisoo


and a part of this fandom is “giving him away”(as if he’s a doll or sth)to another part of it.who claimed he’s with the other one?his company made a statement & ended the rumors.
he doesn’t belong to jennie,jisoo or whoever.he’s Kim Taehyung & belongs to himself.he’s not a doll for a bunch of children to play with.

Last edited 9 months ago by roza

idc about the fact that these people are treating him like a ‘doll’. i’m just merely correcting you when you said they’re fighting over your boy. because no, they’re not.


go further from comments & read the post.they are:)


They are not fighting for him 🤣 , sooyas are giving your boy away

But I wasn’t done…

Sooyas been licking Tae’s balls for year don’t try and act like her greatest achievement isn’t her being shipped with him. Blinks are deranged

Lazy Banana

Oh pls as if we don’t know VSoo was literally one of the most popular ships among blinks ever since they hosted on SBS lmaooooo.


Did the information that netizens are Blink descended from the sky for you?


The comments are so cringe

WhatsThe Point

V belongs to himself.

User what’s the point and BTS V own the same shirt so they’re dating


Yikes. V belongs to himself. Jennie belongs to GD.

Military Wife ⁷

V stan are so disgusting like idol like fan


No taehyung doesn’t belong to anyone. And jennie belong to gd


Jennie don’t belong to gd stop it Jennie belong to herself


So what 😐😑


No one from Blackpink is dating anyone from BTS. You guys need a hobby. People like you are the very reason why they never interact. Two idols wearing the same hat? 😳 Omg they must be DATING. Give it a rest. If Jennie belongs to anyone, it’s Lisa, not V. Leave Blackpink out of your stupid hormonal shipping.


Jisoo solo Stan keep talking about Jennie to save their fav a$$. Even when no one mention her they keep using Jennie this is so embarrassing. Jennie is not related to anyone she is independent and a business women ambassador of Chanel , porsche , Hera ,Calvin Klein , coming to be an actress , she keep winning this year she is unbothered don’t associate her with a man.


No sooya cares about Jennie be fvcking for real. The comments saying for him to not touch jisoo so y’all can keep him for Jennie lmao 💀


stop using him for attention why are you translating this post that is not even popular? it’s not even the same color, no one cares if they have the same hat brand. this is embarassing.

Military Wife ⁷

Lmao anyway jikook is still real

Lazy Banana

Delusional shipper alert

But I wasn’t done…

Tae belongs to himself, not some loose hag


Free Taehyung

Dot Com

Blinks can’t get enough of that Taehyung clout. Another media play for these fads


Not blinks fighting over taehyung when Jennie clearly still Fvcking GD. The absolute worse thing is to be associated with those clout chasing flops. Tae please distance yourself even more from the leeches

Military Wife ⁷

No one cares about him i promise. You can keep leechyung to yourself.

Lazy Banana

He has the most ig followers among male idols and the most viewed fancams but he’s the leech? Okay user Military Wife lmaooooo


What the fuck is wrong with u guys just let them live their life dude stop spreading rumors grow up people 🤕🤕

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