BTS V and BLACKPINK Lisa at Naomi Campbell’s birthday party

Both are wearing Celine’s clothes

1. V is so handsome, his aura is so good

2. V’s aura is so cool

3. Lisa is as pretty as an actress

4. Lisa is gorgeous

5. V’s aura is amazing, he’s handsome

6. Lisa, why is she so pretty and cute?

7. Taehyung is so cool, he seems to know how to choose clothes

8. Lisa’s beauty is crazy these days

9. V reminds me of the DNA days. Lisa is pretty too

10. V is crazy, the clothes suit him, Lisa is cool too, both are amazing

11. Wow the two of them look like pop stars

12. V is really handsome, Lisa is pretty too

13. Lisa is so pretty, her style is perfect

14. I like Lisa’s style, it’s perfect

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