BTS V and BLACKPINK Lisa at Naomi Campbell’s birthday party

Both are wearing Celine’s clothes

1. V is so handsome, his aura is so good

2. V’s aura is so cool

3. Lisa is as pretty as an actress

4. Lisa is gorgeous

5. V’s aura is amazing, he’s handsome

6. Lisa, why is she so pretty and cute?

7. Taehyung is so cool, he seems to know how to choose clothes

8. Lisa’s beauty is crazy these days

9. V reminds me of the DNA days. Lisa is pretty too

10. V is crazy, the clothes suit him, Lisa is cool too, both are amazing

11. Wow the two of them look like pop stars

12. V is really handsome, Lisa is pretty too

13. Lisa is so pretty, her style is perfect

14. I like Lisa’s style, it’s perfect

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Cosplay 🔊


Lisa, protect your unnie




As always Tae is breathtaking


They suit Celine so well


The muses of the brand, litterly it made for them

on the ground~

LOL I didn’t recognize Lisa. What a bad angle to take a photo, her nose looks flat here. Naomi looks gorg tho. Queen looks as good as she did in the 90s if not better.


Not chinsé stan saying this 🤨
Lisa is busy while Ms chin is snorting


Taehyung looks stunningly handsome, as always.

No face no name No number

excessive fashion show appearances by kpop idols and their meaningless interactions with westerns just for posing is getting so repetitive and boring and …empty.


you’re just jobless


Just like Taehyung who reduced his entire identity to being “the boyfriend of”


Didn’t McDonald’s hire you yet?

No face No name No number

Kebabhyung is here again (Kebab because his face is wide and bland, is dark skin and works in kitchen)
Dont believe in people cosplaying my name and commenting under other comments. I dont comment unless I come up with something new and creative

Last edited 6 months ago by No face No name No number

Calling his face bland is the most hilarious thing I’ve ever read 🤣🤣


Please don’t speak about lisman like that

Jennie spreads her legs for old men for clout

No pls go on and speak about Lislut like that


Do you really like this Lisa ? She looks so weird really without make up Lisa is nothing


her forehead was exposed 😭

No Face No Name

She still has makeup


Oo actually the meaning has changed since I didn’t use punctuation.


her not looks flat here. more filler is needed

Jimsqueak aJ-umma RatMonster AnusD Mokujin Femcock Jennhyung

Uglisa and Taejumma

Seek help. How many accounts do you have?

Lisa tanked

LMAO you’re only brave here on Pannkpop cause you’ll be blocked immediately on Pannchoa

Teenaged puppy

Only Tae and Naomi ate down. Tae looks amazing.


I’m sorry but I don’t like this at all. I feel like he’s losing his roots. All these meaningless and vapid fashion and influencer events. Is that all he cares about?


It’s a bday party… how is that an influencer event. Also I didn’t even see influencers on the guest list? It’s mostly supermodels and other big names. Shut the fuck up with the fake concern bitch.


that naomi girly is involved in jefrey epstein scandals. there is nothing good for tae to be close to her cycles at all.


“Naomi girly” is a 53 year-old super model. It was a Birthday party and also an art auction for charity. So take your fake concern elsewhere


Wow, so cool. Hanging out and laughing it up with one of Epstein and Weinstein’s closest friends. Amazing!

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