BTS’ V and Choi Wooshik who kisses each other naturally (Jinny’s Kitchen), Knetz react

There was also a kissing scene in In the Forest that was filmed before.

1. If it’s Taehyung, I’ll do it too

2. They are friendly and really really cute and funny haha

3. When I look at them, they are surprisingly round and soft, express affection for each other and cheer up each other. When I saw In the Soop, Friendcation, all the members of Wooga were so amazing. I’m watching, it’s warm and pretty.

4. They are not of the same age, but with a big age difference, they are friends like younger siblings

5. I can see that Wooshik really likes him like his own younger brother. V also likes his hyung, and he is so pretty

6. They have become soft and are full of love

7. They’re natural, and look so happy when they go to the market together

8. It feels the same as when I pampered my 3-year-old nephew on the forehead hahahaha

9. I was surprised when Taehyung did that on Seokjini’s hair as a joke in Bangjoong, but seeing Seojin’s family do that too, I felt warm because I thought that kind people naturally do skinship

10. Interns are harmless and cute, they are best friends with each other

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That’s cute.


I mean its tae…who wouldn’t lmao

Color color stan

Tae is openly affectionate to his friends and family and it seems his friends and family also can’t help but adore and be affectionate with him too. wooga and bts members are always agreeing with his shenanigans like tae is their little brother. Really cute


These guys are really cute 🥺
I love it how tae is everyone’s baby be it bangtan or wooga 😂


He wants people to think he’s gay so bad

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Focus on ur flop fav


Fantasizing about having a gay boyfriend and go lose some weight, incel.

Color color stan

Looks like none of your friends kiss you how fucking miserable 😂 i will never admit this on the internet with a gun to my face 😂

Truth speaker

His daddie issues are showing. Poor boy..


stop describing yourself


Not slvthyung living upto his name 🤣

Last edited 8 months ago by BlinkPink

You mistake him for ur girlie


the only one who’s living up to their name is seoul cycle

Color color stan

Lol why you never comment on blackpink posts only bts? Lol

Taste that savage

I think we all know who is next project is going to be with 🤭 little w h 0 r €


little w h 0 r €= midpink girlie wbk


You and all your accounts type the same way. Only a freak like you has the time to hate on Tae with ten accounts while STDennie is getting slut banged by GD and his criminal group. A true whore stan.

White cat

Don’t u feel stupid talking shit and replying at yourself back using another acc. Like u literally seem so pathetic.


As we speak midpink girlie sneaking on Yg bed for another project


My man is irresistible. Born to be loved is the best way to describe him


maybe they are dating


Not a slutnnie stan coming after someone else’s dating patterns.

Color color stan

Sorry he is not whorennie who will open her legs for anyone 24/7


Gaybaiting is how BTS got popular.

Weird, overweight girls who want gay boyfriends are the main demographic BTS appeals to.

Normal people see BTS for what they are – extremely feminine men who have no appeal outside of their fetish fandom.


9. I was surprised when Taehyung did that on Seokjini’s hair as a joke in Bangjoong

When was that? Where can i find that?

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