BTS’ V and Choi Wooshik who kisses each other naturally (Jinny’s Kitchen), Knetz react

There was also a kissing scene in In the Forest that was filmed before.

1. If it’s Taehyung, I’ll do it too

2. They are friendly and really really cute and funny haha

3. When I look at them, they are surprisingly round and soft, express affection for each other and cheer up each other. When I saw In the Soop, Friendcation, all the members of Wooga were so amazing. I’m watching, it’s warm and pretty.

4. They are not of the same age, but with a big age difference, they are friends like younger siblings

5. I can see that Wooshik really likes him like his own younger brother. V also likes his hyung, and he is so pretty

6. They have become soft and are full of love

7. They’re natural, and look so happy when they go to the market together

8. It feels the same as when I pampered my 3-year-old nephew on the forehead hahahaha

9. I was surprised when Taehyung did that on Seokjini’s hair as a joke in Bangjoong, but seeing Seojin’s family do that too, I felt warm because I thought that kind people naturally do skinship

10. Interns are harmless and cute, they are best friends with each other

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