BTS’ V at the Celine Pop-Up Opening Event in Korea

1. The jeans fit is crazy

2. He has a slightly darker skin tone, but that suits him well

3. He’s pretty like a rock star, he’s innocent like a rock star

4. I don’t know if it’s a no-makeup or a no-makeup concept, but it suits him very well haha

5. Standing ovation, intern Kim

6. I thought this was a photoshoot

7. Wow, he’s really handsome, his features are no joke, I really like his style

8. Wearing jeans is sexy

9. I think all men will follow him hahah

10. The dark skin tone on V’s face suits him well

11. He fits Celine really well. The bag is so pretty, but it must be really expensive

12. People said the bag is sold out already, his influence is crazy hahaha

13. He has a lot of moles on his face. He’s very attractive and handsome

14. Is this intern Kim?

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Celine Boy V today

1. I really like the jeans and long coat. Of course, V’s face is the best

2. Really handsome

3. The video is more crazy than the picture, the real thing must be crazier

4. I know he was originally handsome, but he seems to be more handsome these days. Is it because he lost more weight?

5. A natural face with almost no makeup on looks better, so the styling is good

6. It’s just my opinion, but I think he got Kang Dong-won’s eyes

7. Maybe it’s because he’s barely wearing any makeup, but he looks more masculine and handsome than usual

8. He’s really handsome, his eyes are really big

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BTS V at real-time

1. Wow pretty and cool

2. The jeans fit is crazy. Celine’s outfit are so pretty

3. The V-Boo bear and the tiger are doing their best hahahaha

4. He’s so pretty, he’s dressed so well today, and his face is even better

5. I really like the mole under his eye these days

6. He doesn’t look korean

7. Sexy skin tone

8. His face is crazy

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