BTS V, BLACKPINK Jennie, Rosé and Ryu Jun Yeol went to Harry Styles’ concert in Korea


Jennie, Rosé

Ryu Jun Yeol greets Rosé

1. Wow, a lot of celebrities went too, I want to go too

2. V and Jennie went there?

3. V’s picture is low quality but he’s so handsome

4. I’m so jealous… I couldn’t go because I didn’t have a ticket….

5. V, Jungkook and Park Hyung Sikㅋㅋㅋㅋ So cute

6. There are so many singers that went to Harry Styles’ concert, why did you pick only 4 of them?

7. Looking at the comments, a lot of celebrities went today

8. I’m also curious about Suga and Jungkook’s pictures

9. There are 4 BTS members V, Jungkook, RM, and Suga

10. Aespa Karina and Winter also went

11. I thought they went there together, I was shocked

12. I was also surprised when I saw the title

13. I was shocked when I only saw V and Jennie in the title

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