BTS V, BLACKPINK Jennie, Rosé and Ryu Jun Yeol went to Harry Styles’ concert in Korea


Jennie, Rosé

Ryu Jun Yeol greets Rosé

1. Wow, a lot of celebrities went too, I want to go too

2. V and Jennie went there?

3. V’s picture is low quality but he’s so handsome

4. I’m so jealous… I couldn’t go because I didn’t have a ticket….

5. V, Jungkook and Park Hyung Sikㅋㅋㅋㅋ So cute

6. There are so many singers that went to Harry Styles’ concert, why did you pick only 4 of them?

7. Looking at the comments, a lot of celebrities went today

8. I’m also curious about Suga and Jungkook’s pictures

9. There are 4 BTS members V, Jungkook, RM, and Suga

10. Aespa Karina and Winter also went

11. I thought they went there together, I was shocked

12. I was also surprised when I saw the title

13. I was shocked when I only saw V and Jennie in the title

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GD certainly wasn’t far

Color color stan

13. I was shocked when I only saw V and Jennie in the title

Because of course it’s for clickbait purposes when in fact so many celebrities were there and taehyung went with 3 bts members and park hyungsik

Color color stan

There should be a petition to stop attaching taehyung’s name to the seoul cycle


He even called her a jump-scare. I bet her fans are still passed off about that but also want his validation 💀


JenHag fans getting brave on twitter. They want to associate that flop with bts and v so bad 😭 and cry “misogyny” when we drag that lady 💀


Free Taehyung


They really push that fake dating so hard when it fact it’s not true at all. Yes those photos are real but it’s all edited. They compiled it all together to make it look real. Probably those private photos were stolen/hacked.

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WhatsThe Point

Also if they were from her iCloud as these people like to claim, why were they blurry💀

WhatsThe Point

Taehyung was there with jungkook, namjoon, yoongi and hyungsik.🤗

And several other celebrities were present.




Oh I am sure they both are dating. They just tagged along with their members to supress the suspicions. I mean they were sitting near each other. V was literally sitting near Rose who was sitting near Jennie.
Pretty sure in next 3 years they are gonna get married to each other. Armys can cry all they want. But BTS are only gonna go after women at their level. They ain’t gonna date poor people. They have standard. Like Hope is dating Irene. JK and Jimin dating Korean actresses. Pretty sure other boys are also dating someone higg class.
Like only BP are the female idols in Korea who are high class. Not those other ugly crusty female idols who still cb after 8 years and do cringy aegyos to survive in the industry and especially not the ugliest Armys. Like look at BP first then look at you.
Jimin probably going to take Jisoo’s number for RM during their meet up.
You all can cry all you want they are dating.

Color color stan

This is not ao3 miss


I just repeated what most knetz were saying who went to that concert. They are making it obvious themselves so why are you guys still in delusion. He is with Jennie.


you and your delusion


women at their level… how are they in jennie’s level? Let the woman date whoever she wants


them: 5 seats apart, but also a whole different section and a walk aisle in between, with bodyguards standing in between.
you: they were literally sitting near each other


They are dating why you crying. V rarely goes to concerts in Korea. He did to this one cause Jennie was there. No big deal. Just accept they are dating.
As a fan you should support V on whom he is dating. He chose Jennie.


He goes tho? This scream tell you didnt know taehyung he is been hanging out with his friends in either concert, musical performance etc that he likes, he also likes harry style have been going on his concert before, you think he goes to there for jenfad?? This btch really think their girly special lmaoo y’all act as if the bts member didnt get invited there is actually insane, shipper are disgusting


It’s not my fault if your kind still can’t see the obvious


You are ignorant, Taehyung along with Jungkook, Jimin and Hobi went to a HS concert in USA in November 2021, a few days before their own PTD tour concerts. 


Code word *USA* not *KOREA*

Color color stan

Lol why are you so desperate to make us accept seoul cycle 😂


The key is that V had been to a HS concert with the members before. You have to explain it all to you airhead, who is a fan of airheads.

Golden raisin

So jennie and v really dating?


So according to you Taehyung calling Jennie a “jumpscare” is a proof they’re dating? Calling her defamation is romantic? Damn please stay single.

Last edited 8 months ago by Ditto
Color color stan

You think everyone that went to that concert is dating each other? Pea for brains i swear 💀


Do you have brain


aww, a double date 🥰


Who tf is Ryu Jun Yeol


Btw you all are pushing that ship to much is embarrassing stoooooop


what girl, how do u not know rjy


not blinks trying once again to link that used wet tissue to thee kim taehyung 🤢 free him


My cousin also went to the concert, so I guess she also went with the BTS members and didn’t say anything to me, ho how rude! Taehyung went with Jungkook and Hyungsik, Namjoon and Yoongi went as well, but always trying to create an interaction that does not exist.

It is what it is

for people in comments, suga and rm went apart from jk and v. and while they weren’t together, v and jennie were very close to each other on the same row, even v looked at them arriving at the venue
am i saying they were together? no. y’all should unclench


I saw the photo. Its not exactly that close either actually. They just sitting at same row.


Tae also look at ppl who want to sit near his section, he also look at his manajer, did he also dating them?


Hagnnie looks so old


The double chin ain’t helping


And her fans have the nerve to think she is better than Tae in any way? Not in artistry, popularly,personality and definitely not looks.


Twice member also goes there….


Fancall. They had fancall yesterday. There was no way in hell they would even go anywhere near that concert yesterday.


RM, Suga, Jungkook went there too but I guess OP only want to put V into the pit of fire

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