BTS’ V cute interaction with ARMY on Dingo Story

Taehyungie, I hope you had an amazing day today.

Taehyung congratulated her through Instagram, so pretty and good looking. The message was received through the Dingo production team.

1. When Taehyung says thank you for liking him, there is a storm of sobs.

2. I just want Taehyung to be happy. To be honest, he has become quieter. You can see a lot of the scars he received from people, and even though he’s been in the industry for 11 years, seeing him still getting all sort of pain is just heartbreaking. Taehyung is proud of her.

3. He so handsome.

4. Taehyung is really kind, in a way, he’s so delicate and trusting that he’s very pure. I was worried a lot, but he’s grown up solidly in front of my eyes.

5. Taehyung’s beauty shines more and more.

6. I liked this episode. It was nice to see V and ARMY smiling a lot.

7. Taehyung constantly wants to play with ARMYs and is curious about what ARMYs are doing.

8. Taehyung, let’s just be happy. I sincerely don’t want anything else. I just really want Taehyung to be happy.

9. Taehyung is kind, unpretentious, and always sincere. I like that very much.

10. It was warm and it was so nice to see it. 

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