BTS V ‘Elle’ April issue just released

1. Look at his handsome eyes

2. I really like this vibe

3. Wow, his eyes are truly legendary, he uses his handsome face so well, his charms are endless

4. Reminds me of James Dean’s eyes, the vibe is mesmerizing

5. The vibes and eyes are cool and sexy

6. V’s eyes are amazing, it’s like he freely changes his mood with his eyes

7. There’s a reason why Elle flies a droneㅋㅋㅋ V’s face and expressions are so unique and charming

8. He reminds me of James Dean

9. Wow, I’m not a fan of V, but the photos really look like scenes from the movie

10. Wow… He uses facial expressions so well ㅠㅠㅠ

11. I can see James Dean vibes

12. Wow he’s f*cking handsome

13. I can understand Elle’s excitement

14. I feel like I watched a movie

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Kim Taehyung is so fine 🥵


yeah there’s a reason why elle printed that huge poster


he’s so photogenic


He’s soo attractive, he trully have such gorgeous eyes, its mysterious but theres also hint of sadness yet alluring idk how to describe it lol

I need to see that face on big screen fr hope he considering acted again

Color color stan

He looks like old hollywood personified, very james dean-ish


I think his solo era roll out is the most gp focused out of all the members. He is gonna do so well with his album or whatever he does

Teenage puppy

Yep. He reintroducing himself with tv shows and magazines covers as well as fashion shows will make them more familiar and excited when he drops music or acting role


he’s definitely loved by the gp the most but sadly also have the most antis compared to other members. popularity cost that negative side too unfortunately

Teenage puppy

Pretty boy

Color color stan

Lmao that’s it? you can’t even back up your “leeching” comment? this is so embarrassing just like you and your flop favs


He isn’t your fav who are leeching onto hybe’s money that bts including tae earned so who is leeching who now 🤭


Newjeans leeching off bts


I don’t see jenhag🤔


You leeching your parents. Free them

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