BTS’ V features

The fact that there is only V, among those who say they look alike, I can’t see anyone who looks like V. Only V has a face like V.

1. I just like V

2. V’s face is just V

3. That’s why I only see V for 4 years and only see V

4. There is no other person like him

5. He looked so pretty today!

6. He’s so pretty

7. In BTS, V is the most handsome, and I think he’s one of the best on the stone board

8. I only see V

9. V is the most handsome

10. How to say no to that face

11. V is only V

12. V is just a genre V, no one resembles him. Even the atmosphere is cool

13. V looks great but he’s also overwhelming in his atmosphere

14. V is truly unique. I haven’t seen anyone like him

15. I like V

16. I’ll look after his face

17. Really cute

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