BTS V finally reveals friendship tattoo and confirms “Seojin’s” participation

BTS V updates Instagram (ft. Seojin’s, friendship tattoo)

Friendship tattoo

1. It’s Seojin’s, I’m curious and want to watch it soon

2. Wow… I’m looking forward to it

3. Hey, is it the friendship tattoo on his thigh?

4. The friendship tattoo has finally been revealed

5. Is it a tattoo on his thigh?

6. I’m so glad Taehyung looks happy

7. Our V is so pretty!!!!!

8. Seojin’s, I’m looking forward to it!!!

9. I’m looking forward to the show that airs in January

10. V’s tattoo is so cute

11. He looks so relaxed and happy

12. He’s so adorable. I’m looking forward to his variety show!

13. You can clearly see his friendship tattoo, I’m looking forward to him on Seojin’s

14. How can he be so handsome and cute?

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he looks so good aaaaa


Adorable. He looks so relaxed and happy


Unproblematic babe


Cancer spreader, poor olivia


Slutnnie a documented std spreader. Worry about it


sugar mommy stans your fave got Gonorrhea and chlamydia from fucking her sugar mommies


See how y’all get your girls dragged unprovoked. You know this particular user will gut them and you still provoked. This is how it happens on Twitter too. Blanks secretly hate BP, I’m convinced.


I didn’t know Olivia is part of BP now.


We all know you bitches like to hide behind other women to avoid your tranny sluts from getting dragging they deserve. Nasty 🤮 roaches


Why you acting like every stans love BTS and that only Blinks drag them?? They get hated from kpop stans and western stans.😂 SLUTSHAMER ARMYS, it’s BTS’ fault that nobody wants to fuck you, just like your social rejects boys. Manifesting Jin get into accidents in the military. Hope he gets food poisoned and allergic reactions and frostbites 🥺


Hated by kpop Stan’s cuz y’all jealous and jobless. Calling armys slut shamers when kpoppies go to insult is racism and slut shaming. Let me help you down off that self imposed high horse, hoe.

Manifestations of harm to bts is cute but it’s even better to know slutnnie essteedees gonna take her to an early unmarked grave. Pussy already riddled with crabs and you speaking on Jin ijbol



worry about Jin giving heads for the men in the camps. He is going to have mouth sores and herpes.🤢 Painful death to slutshamer Armys and untimely death or suicides for the 7 twinks. Bye.🙏🏻


Jennie fucked and dumped in a ditch iktr


I mean it was revealed during vouge korea photoshoot but nasty jokers and antis were bent on trying to prove he is a liar, coz for jokers it was defeating their ship when tae said he will get it with jk and he was the only one who was the problem unlike hyung line who also got it at the same place, and to ot6 what a great opportunity to bash him and say ge doesn’t love his members when the whole tattoo thing was tae’s idea

Anyways I am super excited about this show does anyone know when will it air? Some are saying jan is there a date?

Dot Com


WhatsThe Point

U can never guess the post range with tae. He went from his back to a lizard to a pug to diving to him naked with his tattoo showing. Whew


master of leeching his friends

Lazy Banana

He has the most followers and most engagement in posts among his friends so where is the leeching lmao. Show me a friend of his that gets an average 10 million likes on all insta posts and I’ll eat my words.


Finally jikookers will leave tae alone now!! Those shippers were saying the nastiest sh!t about tae when he just said he will get his tattoo done with his group member…like imagine being this insecure? Going as far as to call him a attention seeker and even saying he drew that tattoo with a marker too lmao.

Taehyung will always be the reason for their countless and sleepless nights lmao! Those hags deserve this and worse.


All this drama over a friendship tattoo? Ofc he will get it with JK, he’s the one with the most tattoos and he also has a good recommendation now. Jobless people have no idea how friendship works, it shows.


He deserves nothing but a good life


Oh happy days 👏

Teenaged Puppy

Tae has such a lovely personality and image. I need jikookers and Jennie/blonks off his dick… they’re cancers


Slap to the face for the people thinking he never got it bc he “hates the other members”


I am so glad he is enjoying himself and doing what he wants to do. I look forward to his first album. 


RAT Baldyung

Lazy Banana

2022 is ending and y’all’s best insult is still about rats lmaoooooooooooo. ARMYs can come up to about a hundred insults about your favs and fandoms but here yall at stuck in 2016, I’m cackling

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