BTS V finally reveals friendship tattoo and confirms “Seojin’s” participation

BTS V updates Instagram (ft. Seojin’s, friendship tattoo)

Friendship tattoo

1. It’s Seojin’s, I’m curious and want to watch it soon

2. Wow… I’m looking forward to it

3. Hey, is it the friendship tattoo on his thigh?

4. The friendship tattoo has finally been revealed

5. Is it a tattoo on his thigh?

6. I’m so glad Taehyung looks happy

7. Our V is so pretty!!!!!

8. Seojin’s, I’m looking forward to it!!!

9. I’m looking forward to the show that airs in January

10. V’s tattoo is so cute

11. He looks so relaxed and happy

12. He’s so adorable. I’m looking forward to his variety show!

13. You can clearly see his friendship tattoo, I’m looking forward to him on Seojin’s

14. How can he be so handsome and cute?

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