BTS V for Elle Korea covers displayed on LED Billboards in the building where the Elle Korea office is located

1. The size of the photo is as tall as the 10th floor of the building next doorㅋㅋㅋㅋ The scale is huge

2. Wow it’s art

3. This is art, I’m really proud of him

4. Wow, he looks better when the picture is bigger

5. Wow… V’s photos are works of art, V’s photos created a gallery in the city

6. Daebak, he’s so handsome

7. He’s really handsome, I can’t stop looking at him when I pass by

8. Legendary

9. Wow daebak, I’ll have to go see it tomorrow

10. I want to see it in real life

11. But why did Elle do this?? I’m curious..

12. F*cking handsome

13. V’s face is daebak

14. Wow.. the building looks so beautiful because of V’s photo

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