BTS V has never donated?

The comments under NCT Doyoung and Haechan’s donation post say that V has never donated

[+127, -647]

1. [+462, -22] BTS members have donated billions of won so far, there are donations revealed but there are donations that are not revealed and if you donate, it’s a tax-saving benefit for those with high income, but why do you think someone wouldn’t do it? And is V the only member who doesn’t publicly disclose or mention the donations? Donating isn’t an obligation, and it’s not what the haters who close doors and slap on idols would say

2. [+397, -21] Each BTS member has donated more than 1 billion won as a group, right?

3. [+372, -8] The donation made under BTS name is almost 7.8 billion won, it’s said that BTS members donate a lot under BTS name. How do you know he’s never donated when he’s an exemplary taxpayer who hasn’t disclosed his donation?

4. [+369, -8] OP, please donate.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+320, -17] He’s donated a lot as a group, and he’s an exemplary taxpayer

6. [+136, -129] V donated a lot in the name of BTS and paid taxes so well. Why don’t you ask other idols if they pay exemplary taxes? OP, are you crazy?

7. [+41, -35] They say that V secretly does charity work and donates behind the scenesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Didn’t he just get caught on secret date?

8. [+40, -41] I have never heard of his personal donation

9. [+37, -54] Yes that’s true

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girl why is this a big deal


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User post lol pajamas try harder. And mind you tae is the only one who got exemplary taxpayer while one was involved in scandal over health insurance so…

Also tae has been seen wearing and supporting a lot of things whose part of profit goes into donations, he support small business, has donated under bts too.

He could easily be an anonymous doner, many bts members do that they don’t go around posting it for pr.

You all want him to be bad person but sorry he isn’t.


Are you serious dragging Jimin through the mud over the health insurance thing? His agent didn’t pay, it wasn’t his fault
Are you a V akgae?


Bcause the one who keep making that pann post is k-jm akgaes lol everyone k-stan on pann know about this, way before this they keep comparing how jm donating and v never, esp after jm news yesterday they try to compare their fav again to v


You do realise that the whole fight was created because you solos started to bash another member for donating to a good cause to help people. You do not get to play the victim when you started it and did as much as the others did. I have said it a thousand times at this point, but you solo stans are a menace. Nobody wants you in our Army space! We defend all the members including V.


And you don’t think of anything better than belittling Jimin in return? How are you better then them?

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Hi, I'm Guest

Funny how every single Taehyung’s negative articles, u will read the solo dragged & mentioned JM or his stans or the jikookers. Like an obsessed bicch. But in JM’s negative articles, u will rarely see his stans dragged & mentioned Taehyung or his akgaes or taekookers.


I am just a taehyung fan I don’t have problem with any member till their fans know their limits if pajamas going to cross and drag tae over bs then I will rightfully bring his stuff up as well. And what agent lol they sent reminders on his personal number twice🙄. You can go on and blame bh but we all know that was a cover up 😐.

Plus tae doesn’t need to do pr for all this I can give you hundreds of examples showing how he helps ppl in need. He pays his tax regularly to the point getting awards while cant say the same for others😆


You clearly have a problem solo stan.


acting like victims when the only reason why ‘pajamas’ started this discussion was because you deranged beings had MULTIPLE hit tweets accusing Jimin of donation for attention and as a ‘publicity stunt’. seek mental help, yall need it.

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Pajamas are famous for being the most ugly stans even in South Korea lmao wake up, the ones who keep dragging other members through the mud are always pajamas. Other members’ fans are just returning the energy


First of all, what does Jimin have anything to do with this post??? The original poster literally said that they saw the comments about Tae in the comment sections of NCT member articles. You think that BTS fans hang out in NCT comment sections?

Second of all, Jimin was a victim of a federal crime. Hybe/Bighit literally made a statement about it and stated that it wasn’t Jimin’s fault and he had not been aware of the situation. The reason why this never became a huge issue or even a proper scandal in Korea was because every normal person understands that Jimin was a victim. Jimin obviously pays his taxes and health insurance fees because this was literally a one time thing where he was forced pay late, but he still payed it before those few articles even came out.

It is a good thing to donate, however it’s not obligatory. Not donating does not make someone a bad person. You are clearly a Tae akgae. Don’t think that we did not see ya’ll bashing Jimin for being a good person and donating once again for a good cause. Helping people in need with donations is never a bad thing. Jimin and the other BTS members make their donations almost always privately. Information about celebrities leak all the time so it’s not surprise that K-media comes to know about private donations from celebrities.

Hi, I'm Guest

Oh my fucking bicch! Only in Taehyung’s negative post u will see the akgaes will drag & blame either Jimin, pjms, or jkkrs everytime. Every. Single. Time! Are u akgaes sure u actually stan Tae & not Jimin? Bcs Jimin seems to be in ur cell-wasted brain 24/7. I hope whenever u buy BTS albums, every single time u pull a pc, it’ll be JM, when u buy BT21 merch, it’ll be Chimmy, & always got JM’s TinyTan merch. Even if u buy Tae solo album, miraculously u still got JM’s pc, posters etc. Amen 🙏

White cat

Dam if you dam if you dont. Iu have been getting hate whenever her donation got announced when she got exemplary tax payer award too.

He don’t have to donate using his name. Using bts name is enough. That his money too.

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Pann girl and other member akgae always trying to find something to drag him, just saying anything even if they didnt know it themself lol, no matter what are they try to paint him, only time will speak itself & give those loser slap, just like how they try to paint him he dont love his member or he is the only one who didnt get tattoo, but in reality he did get the tattoo but he just dont showed it to the fans, yet those loser trying to drag him for nothing, they always using their own narrative to potray him as this villain of the group, when ppl who met him & know him RL only saying good things about him, member saying he is generous person, even in high school when he is part of the student council each week they will charity work for elderly, we also will never know that he is such responsible citizen if the city goyang goverment didnt awarded him with exemplary taxpayer plaque for contributed to the expansion of the goyang city’s finances, everything he do is never to be made for media, he never boasted it, he never talk about it, he doing it on private/silence just like he always do


He also always using his popularity/impact for good deeds and helping people in needs, he using bracelet that are made by small artist that almost closed their shop because of lack buyers and helped them regained their bussiness again, he recommended a small seafood restaurant to fans because the owner is elderly & their shop are empty of buyers because of pandemic, but he promote it to the fans also put his autograph on the wall bec the shop owner hurt his back & couldn’t do it, in the end fans visited their shop and they’re thankful bcs they never have this much ppl visited their shop since pandemic, and many moree where he is helping ppl and small artist/bussiness/ppl and this is the man that antis/akgae are trying to potray as the bad guy or villain because of a mere kpop fanwar like touch some grass

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If you’re someone who brags about your donations, I’m sorry, but you have sick thoughts 💀


BTS has never shared their donations, neither as a group nor as a solo. Now you are insulting Tae even though you have no idea what he is doing or not. It’s pretty obvious that this post was written with hate intent. We all know that you abused a favor and wrote a hate comment on BTS over it🤡


We are a week away from the premiere of the variety show featuring Taehyung, so they have to talk bad about it, that’s how haters work. But it’s no use, Amazon prime announced that the show is going to be available on their platform because of the huge interest it generates, it’s the first Korean variety show to be part of Amazon prime and we all know who generates that interest. Your hatred only makes Tae more successful.


Jhope’s announced donations exceed 1 billion won. However, we learned by kmedia that before jhope’s donations were announced, he secretly donated to charities in Korea. Now he’s being lynched just because someone didn’t make a donation to show off. I’m sorry, but if you had the wealth that BTS has, you wouldn’t even think of doing a favor. BTS is campaigning with unicef. BTS members are among the unicef ​​honorary ambassadors. BTS is always helping Korean organizations. But you are spewing hate on the internet 🙈


The witch hunt is back in effect


Kakao minions are attacking BTS, Hybe’s biggest asset.

They think Koreans are dumb not to realize it… and I’m afraid they’re right. Koreans never realize what’s going on, they believe every influencer. Whoever says whatever louder and faster, Koreans follow them blindly.


The pjms cant live without trying to drag tae for everything


the ‘pjms’ but the article is coming from an user who’s constantly attacking jimin and posting hate related articles for him, of course 💀


It’s a long time and widely known fact that BTS rarely publicize their donations, and that if we hear abt it, it’s usually either reported by the ones who were donated to or a third party.

Not knowing smt this basic or contradicting smt that’s common knowledge among fans to spread hate to a member, it sounds like OP isn’t a fan of anyone in BTS and is just an anti.


Fucking stays and nctzens making articles on Pann and Theqoo to shade BTS… I even saw one before it was deleted saying “Jungkook did you change your nose” and the post said “since armys keep going on about Hyunjin changing his face (which he didn’t) im retaliating. Please stop grabbing him by the hair, leave him alone from now on”


I’m being so genuine when I ask if Jungkook has donated publicly? It doesn’t matter but curious


whether he did or not, wdyc? is this post about JK? and have you ever donated millions to the charities yourself? what a weird shit to drag someover over fr JK’s been known for helping different small businesses out all the time and that alone already boosted their sales so much (they were also grateful to JK for all the business boosts) but when did he ever get credits for it? y’all only remember drag him for shit that he didn’t/wasn’t known to do publicly while forgetting the ones he did like how convenient of y’all 🤡


Bent out of shape and for what??? Relax hoe, you wrote this whole paragraph in defense of JK but not one comment in defense of V on his own post. Akgaes are something else.

I was just curious btw but you took it personally because you know that’s how your breed operates

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So he hasn’t lmfao


I don’t even like V but he can do whatever he wants with his money. If he chose to donate or not, that’s his choice. I prefer those who donate and don’t tell others about it. V might be one of these people.


Nsht stans are sefting up their fav. Bts has always donated quietly. If we want to play that game we can and drag them for their MANY discretions


What’s the use of such beautiful face when your inside is not?
Guess he’s only pretty on the outside.


Not even pretty on the outside either


Y’all saying anything when you didnt even know if he really donated or not yourself, speak the volume the beef y’all have with him only because of jealously, dont worry time will speak itself and open the truth so all of you loser will eat ur own words


Pressed ugly bitch go kill yourself nobady will ever love you pann loser


Nah he’s beautiful to look at. Let’s be honest. U just sound jealous


Can you just stop posting user posts like this Pannkpop???

meow meow

the post was abt nct members but y’all still can’t keep taehyungs name out of yalls mouth!! 🥱 obsessed

Hi, I'm Guest

So, must he donates & announce it like it was an airport announcement so u can condemn him for bragging? U & I don’t know his money flows, stop pathetically assuming


“User post” lol


Everyone decides to be so obssesed with him instead of the ones who publicly donated . That’s so pathetic.


The standart of a whole country it seems. Everyone keeping and eye on what he does or doesn’t do.


BTS have never made their donations public — and that’s an information you could’ve found anywhere, had you bothered to look instead of starting a pointless conversation meant for nothing but baiting hate comments.

The only way we EVER find out about their donations is from the organizations themselves.

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