BTS V Instagram update in Paris, Knetz react

1. Taehyung wearing leopard print…

2. V’s photos are nice and atmospheric, and even cute. Haha. Standing on the beach is so cute. I want to see more of him wearing a ribbon!

3. The photos are all sentimental and pretty. The tongue sticking out is cute.

4. What’s the real atmosphere… pretty and handsome.

5. Have a good feeling about the picture. Thank you for uploading it as soon as the bear returns.

6. Pretty eyes

7. Wow I really want to live with that face……. How fun would that be?

8. Each and every photo of V is so pretty I want to use it as a wallpaper

9. He looks like a puppy from a rich family with his tongue lol

Thank you for the emotional photos. I want a Celine bracelet too

10. V’s pictures are always good

11. I hope this isn’t the end, I’ve seen all of them wearing leopard print, give me that too

12. The Instagrammable photo was taken naturally and well, even if the last photo is covered with sunglasses, the handsomeness is all visible

13. He came out like a handsome French boy. He really showed off his Instagram sensibility and all the pictures are so good

14. This close-up of the eye is art. Look at the eyelid line and clear lines.

15. The atmosphere is really pretty and the eyes are really pretty too

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wow, another ig post. i’m glad jennie’s jobless boyfriend found his passion. he wants to be an influencer just like his human chanel princess 🤩


and your parents might regret that they let you born at the first place knowing how jobless their child is , being a fucking waste of space on internet lmaoooooooo


Stop decribing urself here


Babe you are the only jobless one here😘😘


Notice Tae’s visuals and clout are never in question unlike that slut leech whorenie that’s been sucking off his clout


so blessed to get thv dump


Jennie man… I think jennie take his picture


The delusion😭he is with bogum lmao


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Taehyung’s recent IG post has surpassed 9M likes!



Kmedia article on Taehyung’s arrival back to Korea is trending on Naver’s most viewed section at #12 with 16,000 views

Kmedia headlines this article as: “BTSV cant help but attract attention.. the airport was shaking (following his arrival)” 🔥

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