BTS V is the first Korean male artist to reach 60 million followers on Instagram

Created in December 2021

Over 10 million likes – 81 posts

Over 15 million likes – 31 posts

Over 20 million likes – 2 posts

1. Wow, all posts have more than 10 million likes, he’s amazing

2. Even if he only posted a picture of his dog, he got 20 million likes ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. I think it’s great that all posts have more than 10 million likes

4. No, but he’s seriously handsome…. A face that both East and West people love

5. Daebak! I also only followed V among male artists because he’s handsome

6. I think Jungkook would have hit 60 million if he hadn’t deleted his Instagram account

7. I followed V because he’s so handsome

8. Our Taetae is so hot

9. It’s more than the population of Korea

10. Our Taehyung is amazing~

11. 20 million people like Yeontan’s picture.. Yeontan is so cute..

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