BTS V leaving today, Taehyung doesn’t have to worry about losing his bag

1. Wow, his face is really crazy. My heart beats so fast just looking at the pictures

2. He’s handsome, cute, and pretty

3. Wow why is he getting more and more handsome?

4. He lost a lot of weight, the necklace is so cute

5. He looks like a Hong Kong actor, so handsome

6. His hair suits him so well

7. His face is pretty, but his handsome looks stand out even more when he’s wearing simple clothes

8. He’s so handsome, his smile is just sunshine

9. He really doesn’t have to worry about losing his bag

10. Seriously, he looks the most handsome these days

11. Where is Kim Taehyung going?

12. I like Taehyung wearing jeans

13. He’s so handsome and pretty

14. Wow his visuals are amazing

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He looks so good 🥺 my cutie 😭 ahhh I love this man sm


And she’s currently in Paris with Rosé too. What a coincidence.


U hate bts, but u are desperately want V to date Jennie😂😂😂😂 blonk are just miserable fandom.


lmao pls
they aren’t the only two kpop idols with this necklace brand.
also, the necklaces aren’t even the same ones. different type of chain.

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Like Crazy

GD wear this necklace too you idiot


Jendragon is life ♡♡♡♡


he looked so happy today and it makes me happy too , I hope he’ll always be happy 💜


His smile is so cute


I love him 💜


She’s dating an cosplayer/influencer

Teenaged puppy

The prettiest

Teenaged puppy

Stalker Jennie

WhatsThe Point

He’s such a cutie😭 he looks so cutee


His head is just for decoration, it’s empty inside. Like a pretty vase that’s empty


Stop describing urself here


I’m sure he way more intelligent than you are

Teenaged puppy

Jennie tease


He has a job and he earns million dollars. It’s interesting as with this stupidity you can only dream and jealous him LIKE AN OBSESSIVE PERSON.


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