BTS V ranked 1st as an influencer in the world for male singers

BTS V is the most influential singer on Instagram worldwide, beating out global pop stars like Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik

1. Daebak, as expected

2. Daebak, I understand because he has a lot of charms

3. In Korea, they seem to be underrated… (Not V, but BTS)

4. I’ve been following V, he’s so popular

5. There are a lot of muggles following V’s Instagram

6. I’ve been following V too ㅋㅋ He’s really the most handsome

7. I’m so proud that he’s Korean

8. V deserves it ㅋㅋ Seriously, he’s so handsome that I can understand his popularity just by looking at his face

9. Our Taehyung is amazing

10. V deserves it, I want to see him in real life

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If only Taehyung is interested in fashion gig like all these idols doing, I feel like he’s gonna top all of them like the engagement on his posts are crazyyyyy , pretty sure all brands are asking him to promote their stuffs or become their ambassador but I feel like he prioritizes enjoying his personal life and music more than these gigs , could say the same thing about the rest of bts members tbh


Taehyung continues to soar in popularity even with antis working overtime to drag him. The more they hate the more popular he gets.

But I wasn’t done…

When Tae starts accepting solo gigs it’s over for your flops.

Maple Puddin

#3 we’ve established that Korea doesn’t deserve BTS and they will never get another group like them again.


A single sponsored post from him is estimated to be at around $800,000+ but his insta is just his feet, Yeontan, and his members lmaooooooo.


His social media power is another level v is really popular among local people too. Btw he isn’t active and he is still most populer one

Hannah m

Pretty kpop twink twinkhyung

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