BTS V selected as Celine ambassador

1. He’s perfect for Celine

2. Celine seems to suit him

3. Is it global ambassador? With Park Bo Gum?

4. Celine put in a lot of effort and they were chosen by V

5. It suits him so well, I was surprised when I saw the photo

6. I thought Gucci or Chanel would suit him, but Celine is perfect for him too

7. Wow, he looks so cool with Celine

8. Celine suits him so well

9. Congratulations!!!

10. Ambassador, is this his first time?

11. The combination of Celine and V is perfect

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Color color stan

Literally crashed Celine’s website lmao. They’re very very lucky to have him if it’s true. I don’t think there’s an official announcement yet

Last edited 5 months ago by Color color stan

Its not confirmed on the main site though I mean except for the fact Celine Korea pr executive couldn’t hide her excitement 🤭

Btw I heard they will introduce him through fashion film so excited for it 🤩


It’s not confirmed yet 😑

Miss Mochi

Why are you posting this when nothing is confirmed? Lol
Pretty sure it’s going to be bigger


Not confirmed yet so pls wait for official announcement


It’s gonna be announced at some point but I’m sure it hasn’t been officially announced yet


This isn’t official yet tho? Why ppl posting about this?


Its not even confimed….just wait for the official announcement first before posting pls


We know how he got it 🤣

Last edited 5 months ago by BlinkPink

Of course by his popularity, face and talent. He has 50m followers but have more engagement than acc with 100m followers lol. Who tf doesnt want THE kim taehyung


We do, it’s by his immense popularity


Well, ik dozen pinks taking dicks to get 1 for sure 🤷‍♀️


Dozen pink = wh0rehyung


Stop project ur fav on him lmao


Just because its the way your girlie always do to get job, not everyone does it the same like your fav😷stop projecting on pretty boy


You talking about jenfad sending her n00ds to get project?


Jennie slurping on YG cum as we speak


This is pretty much a done deal for me. He’s been wearing Celine a lot lately.


Kpoppies really think luxury brand doesnt want THEE bts members but their flop fav lol. Their fav are just a cheap option. I remember they think bighit doesnt let bts to open individual ig bcuz hyung line will never have many followers…thats a bs. their fan acc have million followers..jhope’s sister even have more followers than other idols lol

Hi, I'm Guest

Kpoopies love to delude themselves. How else do you think they sleep at night & be in peace had they were not thinking it that way?


They finally convinced my man to commit.

Ladyboy lisa

The best and true ambassador. Not some wh0rê 😂


Not the same brand as JENNIE…

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