BTS V shows his massive brand power when Elle Korea opens pre-orders without showing the cover

Elle Korea released the pre-orders for their April issue without releasing a single cover (feat. BTS V)

Last night, ‘V is coming’ photos were suddenly uploaded

Everyone, V? Pre-orders are posted on various websites without a single cover, and it ranked in the best item on Japan’s Q10ใ…‹ใ…‹

Elle Korea posted the pre-order link

1. The Vogue photoshoot is so pretty, but I’m also looking forward to the Elle photoshoot

2. This is possible because it’s V

3. If there were a lot of versions like last time, I’d like to see the preview of the cover before choosing, but luckily there are only three, so I’ll buy all of them without hesitation

4. I trust V’s photos, but please show me the covers

5. Are the photos that V posted on Instagram a few days ago from magazine photos?

6. I want to buy all of them, but I don’t have the moneyโ€ฆ.

7. His brand power is crazy

8. Are the bear and the tiger the symbol of V?

9. It’s Taehyung, I’ll buy it

10. I have to buy it immediately

11. Are they going to open pre-orders without showing the cover?

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