BTS V stuns everyone on his way to Paris

BTS V departs for Paris

Looks like he’s going to the Celine event

1. Wow seriously, he looks like a manhwa character

2. He’s seriously so handsome

3. I think he’s prettier after dyeing his hair, he’s a handsome guy

4. Wow, the last picture really shines

5. He looks so handsome

6. It reminds me of the DNA era with his blond hair. He looks so young

7. V’s black hair is also pretty but because he dyed his hair blonde, he looks like a Westerner and it suits him well

8. He really looks like a doll

9. Wow, blonde hair suits him so well

10. He’s so pretty, his hair is perfect

11. I want to touch his hair

12. He is a prince

13. He’s so handsome, his skin is really good

14. Is he a doll?

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