BTS V supports Jennie by attending BLACKPINK’s private listening party

V supports Jennie… Attending BLACKPINK’s private party

V attended BLACKPINK’s private listening party for their 2nd full album ‘Born Pink’

1. Taehyung, why don’t you admit it? Just admitting that you’re dating Jennie, how long do I have to see articles like this?

2. They didn’t even reveal any pictures, how can I believe it?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. Celebrities don’t belong to their fans, and they have to date too

4. V wants to admit it and wants to date publicly, but it seems he is desperate for fear of HYBE’s stock falling

5. Even if there’s a lot of evidence, there are many fans who don’t believe it, including foreign fans

6. No, they are posting this article without any pictures

7. He has no intention of hiding it

8. Honestly, if that was the case, why didn’t they want to admit it?

9. At this point, what is the difference from public datingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. If I were a fan… I would feel bad… There may be fans who don’t care, but is that easy?

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Sorry not sorry. Taehyung is really selfish at this point. He doesn’t care about his band mates. It is better that he leaves the group.


shut up, you’re being nasty just to see content that someone created and second, that’s taehyung’s life, his career, his group and friends, you’re nobody to decide for him or bts.
you should think before you write nonsense on the internet

Noone ami

Its better to shut your mouth before throwing trash in the internet


Mother fucker bitch


Its very bad to say this as its his life but he should tell the truth


Shut up you don’t know about v,but talking non sense.eveyone has there own life,so don’t involve in other matters.mind your business but even though there are dating wats your problem. He cares there members and also band .so mind your mouth before talking anything


He should just tell us the truth
Why he want us to cry if this is fake
I am literally crying daily due to notifications 😭😭😭


Stop it I know its only a rumor ok if it was true that v wants to hide it he will stop meeting jennie for few days ok pls stop it


Don’t say anything whatever you like why should he leave the group. You guys don’t understand bts completely. Bts can’t be full fill even without one member .bts means the 7 normal korean boys .we ( army) got hurt because of this but we will support their every decision,.you guys might think we are so rude but we are protecting from this shit . V you are v or kim taehyung we don’t care we this is for you I don’t know about others personally I support you because I trust you. You don’t do anything that effects your team members so don’t care about this shit ok please go on your way don’t care about them who throws shit on your way ok


Shut up you don’t know about v but talking no sense. Everyone has there own don’t involve in other matters,mind your business

Last edited 2 months ago by Teahyungirl

yes without the prof of pictures how can say that


Stop your bullshit articles and do some research
Clout chasers!!


Everyone has their own privacy , let them date if they want, that’s none of our businesses, they also have their own private life and just because they attended a party doesn’t mean they are committed.🤷,They are also human beings and if you are a true fan, respect their privacy too. Just because it is a celebrity there is no need to discuss someone’s private life.😑😐

Rounak Afrin

There is nothing personal in a celebrity’s life… If as a fan we support them through their entire journey, then we have all the rights to ask questions to them and they should answer too… We love them in their goods and bads, so why they are not responding to our concerns

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