BTS V was spotted filming in Paris, France

BTS V filming in Paris, France

1. What’s up with his face!!! Why is he so handsome!!!!

2. Where is Jennie?

3. He’s so handsome

4. The pictures are low quality, but his facial features are clear

5. He’s handsome and his aura is amazing, I really like that aura

6. Maybe because his face is so pretty, he looks good even when he wears sparkly clothes

7. Taetae is so handsome

8. He looks like a rock star, he’s so handsome

9. Hul, his aura is crazy

10. I was shocked because he looked so different from the trainee Kim I saw in Seojin’s

11. Wow he’s so handsome ㅠㅠ His outfit is pretty too ㅠ

12. Wow, his nose is amazing

13. He’s f*cking handsome

14. He’s seriously so handsome, he’s so skinny

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