BTS’ V Weverse Live, Knetz react

1. His face and voice are completely thrilling and cute

2. I like V because he never dives and communicates well with fans

3. The regular antis who go crazy because V is loved by the fans are here again

4. Taehyung I love you because you’re a good person

5. It looks like a Greek mythology face

6. Wow, this is raw milk swollen in the morning.. crazy beauty

7. His raw hair is like a painting

8. I really like how Taehyung communicates with his fans, it’s really precious

9. His actions and facial expressions are really lovely hahahaha nephew is so cute

10. I really think that V is a natural talent after looking at his bare face

11. He’s handsome, cute, and funny, I fell for him again today

12. It’s so good to have that face without makeup

13. As expected, bare face is the national rule for V

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