BTS V who is so sincere with his fans

V was in tears

He cried at the concert

I love Taehyung so much ㅠㅠ

[+275, -59]

1.[+71, -3] Taehyung is so sincere to his fans

2.[+63, -3] He’s seriously handsome ㅜ

3.[+57, -4] Taehyung is always sincere to ARMYs, let’s keep loving our Taehyung

4.[+55, -2] We love Taehyung

5.[+23, -0] I love you so much Kim Taehyung

6.[+17, -1] Don’t cry, your stage was the best, thank you

7.[+15, -0] I love Taehyung who has a pretty heart

8.[+14, -0] I miss you so much Taehyung

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