BTS value is insane just looking at their individual activities

BTS value is insane

As soon as they started their individual activities, they’re all taken by someone

[+413, -14]

1. [+168, -4] And Kim Seokjin with Thom Browne

2. [+141, -5] Bottega never had an ambassador, but Namjoon is Bottega’s first ambassador!!

3. [+105, -3] I feel that height is so important to Bottega Veneta’s image. Namjoon has good proportions, so he fits Bottega perfectly. Bottega doesn’t use celebrities as ambassadors, but Namjoon is the first one

4. [+101, -8] BTS was the first group ambassador of Louis Vuitton and when they started their individual activities, J-hope became their ambassador. Personally, I think it’s daebak that they still chose J-Hope even though he’s about to enlist. But he definitely suits their extravagant style

5. [+98, -8] It’s simple yet heavy, it’s also polished even when young people wear it. Valentino is soft yet cool, it’s perfect for Suga

6. [+59, -0] And Kim Seokjin is the ambassador of the Ministry of National Defense… Please discharge from the army. Thom Browne is waiting for you

7. [+36, -1] I love that each of them chooses a brand that’s perfect for themㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+33, -1] They all fit the image of their own brand, amazing

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and to think these brands still signing them up knowing the possibility of them enlisting soon too yep, yep ☝🏻 we love a powerhouse group

Jimin got yes jams

Boy you a whole twnik 😑


I know blink jealous to see jungkook ck alone got 10x more impact than their faves lol.


Not all blinks . Only the toxic ones here . Everyone knows bts has more impact and Jungkook suits ck so nice


Calvin Klein cares, that’s why they name him as the next CK icon, they put Jungkook poster, clips everywhere


Well even if nobody care I’m sure that you care😉


YOU are way too obsessed with these men and you should look into yourself abt that. It’s okay that you’re attracted to them, but projecting your self-hate in this manner isn’t healthy.


You must really love that edit since you can’t stop using it. Ik he’s gorgeous in it as he is irl.


Are you purposefully missing the point with this cmmt?


7. [+36, -1] I love that each of them chooses a brand that’s perfect for themㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Ehhh I don’t think Jimin suits Dior at all. He somehow managed to make the outfits looked ordinary and cheap even. Suga with Valentino is also a hit and miss. V is stuck with the bland Celine even though we know he can do much more. RM, Hobi and JK suit their respective brands.


Jimin suits Tiffany but dior not so much


Tiffany’s jewellery design is rather muted than bold. Literally anyone suits the brand, that’s why I don’t mention it.

Color color stan

Lol the hate you have for gay people is so disturbing, are you repressed? did your parents throw you out for having gay sex? what is larry? 😂

Color color stan

This is their side job unlike the seoul cycles who have more brand deals than songs 😂

Color color stan

Did that without sleeping with mr fugly 😂

Color color stan

I know why you’re mad blinkpink 😂

Color color stan

And taehyung’s videos in the celine event got more likes, comments, views than lislut 😂 i totally get it


Still Sluthyung is not a Global Ambassador. Celine is just using him for clout just like other kpop idols, Taeyong to name a few (Celine gave him magazine photoshoots). They have no plan in announcing him as their GA. It’s still crickets from the brand. 😂

RATMYs need to keep begging Celine to make Sluthyung aka Leecher manwhore V, an official Global Ambassador.

Last edited 5 months ago by FAGGOT PIGMIN STAN
Color color stan

Sooooo you admit that even having lisa they need thee kim taehyung for clout? I knew that girl is a flop but goddamn 😂


Why are you acting like V is the only idol they are using? LMAO. They even use actresses and several other kpop idols for magazine and sponsored posts just like what other brands do. That’s how marketing works 😂 but not every idol and every actor they use become an official Global Ambassador.🤭

Last edited 5 months ago by FAGGOT PIGMIN STAN

but guys the links to the jimin live singing controversy ain’t working for me. i get error codes


It’s probably bc of the traffick/cmmts.

Last edited 5 months ago by EMs

we dgaf

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