BTS V’s Chinese fan club advertises his birthday at the Westfield Trade Center in New York, USA

First personal birthday advertisement to be advertised on all 22 super-large screens at the Westfield Trade Center, New York, USA

1. Even if I just ride the subway, V ads come out

2. If you just walk around, you’ll see a lot of V ads. You’ll see V too, right?

3. There are more this year than last year. Happy birthday, Taehyung

4. The support is awesome too

5. Wow, the best support ever, great Taehyung, happy birthday

6. It’s not even just V-bar. V is appearing on all electronic display boards around the world

7. I also saw V’s birthday celebration on the subway today. I saw a lot here and there

8. Birthday celebration events held by big and small fans, there are all kinds of charitable donations. I think it’s a good influence

9. There are a lot of advertisements, and a lot of donations from V fans in each country

10. As much as V’s popularity, the scale of V fans’ support is huge

11. I hope Taehyung sees this. You are handsome, born to be loved

12. Wow, the scale was amazing after seeing last year’s, I wondered if there was anything more surprising, but this year’s is also great

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