BTS V’s journalist pictures and fansite pictures today

These are the fansite pictures

1. Wow look at the journalist pictures

2 .He looks really good in all the pictures today

3 .V is seriously handsome

4. I think V’s face is so cool these days

5. I found this picture, it was taken with the phone camera, crazy

6. There’s no big difference between journalist pictures and fansite pictures

7. What is the difference between journalist pictures and fansite pictures?

8. I’m really surprised every time I see V’s journalist pictures

9. I want to live even one day with this face

10. Have you seen this picture yet? The picture was taken by the phone that I picked up at dawn

11. Are the people who saw V in real life still alive?

12. There’s no difference, he’s crazy

13. Wow seriously handsome

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he is sooo handsome, ah how can a real person look like this???


Of course they will be no difference, he is Kim Taehyung, THE MOST HANDSOME MAN after all


He is gorgeous😍i hope he consider making come back acting again


The most handsome idol for me. Aura plus face not many have that combo

Teenaged puppy

Every time I see him he gets more handsome. No wonder other fandoms wanna claim him for their fad

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