BTS’s Jungkook Linked to Cult Speculation and Controversies

1) Jungkook Buddhist statue:

의담 (uidam) is jungkook buddhist name. statue resemblance to him.

2) Soy Sauce:

According to netizens, they spotted Jungkook using soy sauce from the brand Shin Ang Chon. He was spotted using the soy sauce on his various cooking live streams.

3) Hwang Chil Ga Skincare Products:

Jungkook was also spotted using skincare products from the brand Hwang Chil Ga. The brand is one that has links to Dahn World through the founders. The brand was also spotted using Jungkook’s name to advertise their products. After fans spotted the products on his vanity, the brand actively used the tagline “Jungkook’s choice! Natural Fermentation Skincare Products.”

4) Netizens demand jungkook’s cultural merit to be revoked:

5) Car crash:

5) Jungkook spotted at an Itaewon Club amidst the Covid-19 pandemic:



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