Burberry Jun Ji Hyun vs Fendi Song Hye Kyo

Jun Ji Hyun

Song Hye Kyo

1. Seriously, the two of them are f*cking pretty

2. The two of them not only have great looks but the fact that they’ve been growing as top stars over the past 20 years is amazing…. Their acting is so good… Can’t wait for their dramas

3. As expected, Tae Hee, Hye Kyo and Ji Hyun are legends

4. Wow…… Song Hye Kyo seriously looks like a doll…

5. Why are they not aging? They’re just vampires

6. When I was young, those unnies were the prettiest, and even now, those unnies are the prettiest

7. Jun Ji Hyun is seriously crazy

8. Song Hye Kyo is f*cking pretty

9. Seriously, both are legends

10. Junn Ji Hyun’s second picture is legendary

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