But are ARMYs boycotting Jimin?

There was a post that talked about Jin, V and Jungkook as BTS’ Bermuda, saying that they are so handsome. Another member’s face is cut off on the left, but just look at it, it’s Jimin

For reference, I’m not an ARMY, I’m a fan of another group

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1. If you’re not a fan, could you please delete this post? Are you trying to make a fuss? I’m really annoyed

2. You are a fan of another group but how do you know the fandom is boycotting Jimin? Why did you write this post? Don’t you know how beloved Jimin is in the fandom?

3. What the hell are you talking about?

4. Jungkook’s akgaes started again

5. Jungkook’s akgaes pretend to be fans of another group and criticize the members

6. Jimin isn’t from Bermuda, so of course they will cut Jimin and post a picture of the three of them

7. What Jimin’s fans hate the most is being rejected by Bermuda fansㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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But true he is ugly?


—what people say after seeing your face


Was what the doctor said to ur mother’s face




Like you right 👍👍👍👍


His pinky can get more likes then you and he’s more cuter and attractive then you.


Taekook ugly


lmao so is army boycott the rapline too then? stfu. Bangtan’s bermuda line has always been the trio jinkooktae 🙄


It must be a set up post because the poster must have known that the reaction would be confused or even negative. Jimin is absolutely gorgeous either way and does not need to be part of a line to be considered beautiful. All BTS members are attractive.


BINGO!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽


They didn’t cut rl. And burmuda or whatever doesn’t exist. Jimin is more handsome than those three in reality


damn get your eyes fixed


Korean akgaes can go to effing hell. Why is this post even on here


This is a dumb post. Very dumb.


Jin, V, and JK have been known as the Bermuda line since long time ago. And there are 3 other members who got cut out of the picture too, why’d only spesifically targetting on Jimin tho? OP-ya, just admit that you’re an akgae or a fanatic shipper, aren’t you?

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No one cares about what some ahgae think. Jimin is more handsome and talented than those three.


I’m always going to hate akgaes and visual stans. Usually most of the hate for Jimin comes from them. They are always downvoting and making comments about Jimin being ugly or not in the “bermuda triangle”

Like bitch who cares. He doesnt need to be part of any triangle to be attractive, he already is.


Get your eyes checked please


My eyes are fine, thank you for worrying
Anyways, Jimin is fine and you are stupid.


i think youre the one who needs to get a check. i can smell how rotten your eyes are from here


Get your whole existence check 1st


Taekook stans r so jealous

yes hi

jimin is always going to be the punching bag for “ships”


tae got it worse from jokers


He got the most solo stans, so your math is not mathing. How about start from 1+1 again?


Tae gets nothing compare to jimin


jungkook got it worst from jikookers aka jimin stans


In case you don’t know he gets it worse and keeps getting it worse from taekookers who claim he is letting jimin her in between he and v


Jikookers are mostly jungkook biased. And jimin gets hate from jikookers and taekookers.


the problem with jimin isnt just the fact that he is ugly , he is annoying and mean


Someone’s mad they’ll never be as successful as Jimin.


Exactly 😒😒


You are so rude


And you are fucking basterd, fag and a slut .


Jungkook is ugly and mean. He is known as the bully of the group.


Stupid post made by dumbest OP. Army who truly loves OT7 don’t care if its bermuda or not. Jimin has his own charm. He is so beautiful and we all love him. Period.


jimin doesn’t have to be on the “bermuda triangle” based Korea’s fckass beauty s standards. who gives a fuck? he being there or not doesn’t change the fact that he’s attractive.


he’s not 💀


Me when i have a fvking face but at the same time judging jimin’s beauty:


One more shithead. I’m done with these shitty peoples.


Bermuda fans?? 💀 anyways


What’s this websites obsession with Jimin? Pushing irrelevant, negative, completely random posts but not putting anything when he has posts with hundreds of views and comments?

That Japanese popularity post is another example. Pchoa has the same post but without the comment dissing him.

It’s clear the site is pushing taekook but will you just leave Jimin alone? I’m sick of these akgaes, shippers or whatever they are called.

Also with this bermuda nonsense. Jimin is one of the most popular and biased members, if visuals are a part of it, good for him. You think calling out his visuals is a drag? It would only mean people love him more for his talent than his looks. It’s a win for him either way.


This site always posts shady stuff about Jimin. It’s so clear that this site is run by Taekookers who hates Jimin. So pathetic.


as if jimin’s akgae and jikookers weren’t just exposed for the hate campaign against the jungkook and tae 😒 stop playing victim


That hate campaign was all faked by taekookers. All fake accounts, barely made accounts with zero followers pretending to be Jimin fans. Trying to paint Jimin in a bad light. Taekookers are the ones with a hate campaign for Jimin. Look at all these negative posts that get posted on this site.

But I wasn’t done…

Jimin gorgeous and paid. Antis can suck 🍆


It is true that JM isn’t part of the Bermuda, so idr get it why op question it. Besides, the rapline wasnt there either. But, JM is a pretty person while the Bermuda is for the handsome traits. And the rapline are attractive that I can’t get enough of them.


It’s the freaking Bermuda triangle/line so ofc only three can be in it and Jin, V and JK have been in it ALL the time. Why only point out Jimin when there are others being cut out from the picture too? OP is clearly a troll who tried to bring hate out of nowhere.


It is not even worth replying to such clumsiness.


jimin is ugly and annoying af


Kylie, do you need to seek out therapy? Sort out your jealousy and anger towards someone better than you and doing better than you in every aspect? It’s ok if so.


Everyone’s here thinks about you, like this also


This must be a set up post because it does not make any sense.

Jimin does not need to be part of a fanmade sub-unit/triangle to be considered attractive. In fact, millions of people around the world think that Jimin is gorgeous.


nah just u


One more who is jealous of JIMINs beauty


The comments here by self proclaimed Geniuses are so dumb. Like seriously you think supporting few and demeaning others would get you to the top??

Don’t forget “your perception of others is what you are from the inside”. Doesn’t beauty lie in the eyes of beholder??

Calling him ugly just coz you don’t like them… Why be so dumb?? Hate sucks energy. Use that energy for your self. Work on yourself. Love yourself 💜♾️


First thing i don’t even know about that shitty barmuda or something.I didn’t even knew something like THIS even exist, and yeah🤨our jimin doesn’t need this shi* either.He is “THE PARK JIMIN” and “THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MEN” in the world is for a reason.”THE FUCKE*S” Who can’t even stand infront of him🤨🤨 are judging and discussing about his ethereal beauty.Such a pity😔

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