But aren’t Jungkook and Jennie really all-rounders?

They seem to be good at everything

1. Jungkook dances, sings, raps well, has good visuals and physique, even composing and writing lyrics

2. Jungkook is also good at drawing… is he crazy?

3. Jungkook is a golden talent

4. I’m not a fan, but I agree

5. That’s right… Jennie sings, raps well, her visuals are good, she’s just a superstar

6. I think Jungkook is really perfect

7. I know Jungkook is good at everything but I’m not sure about Jennie

8. Both are the best

9. There’s a reason why they’re so popular

10. Jennie..? She doesn’t dance well

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lol not the setup on jennie.
especially putting her next to Jungkook.
Maybe in her early days, but she no longer has the strength or stamina for her touring and her live vocals are subpar.
As for the rapping, her tone is nice but she doesn’t exactly write her own lyrics.

Jungkook is basically an idol that every agency dreams of having for themselves.


It’s even funny to put Jennie on the same level as Jungkook, he’s ahead of her in everything, no comparison!


The only thing blackpink are good at is parasiziting on BTS’s name


Jennie isnt even good at one thing. Cant write raps, her singing sounds like a bleating goat and is all over the place. Her dancing….well they call her lazy dor a reason.

To compare her to a genius like jk who is also super hardworking and humble is just so wrong


I’m not a fan of that idol for comparison it’s totally ridiculous jennie doesn’t dance well she doesn’t write songs, she forgets the lyrics.. when she sings.. only her fans are totally blind


Even Lissa gives her best on stage, she seems to be bored by being in the group… This comparison is totally unnecessary, only Jennie’s stands believe this…

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