“But they didn’t make it into the Billboard Top 100, Spotify Global, and the annual Melon chart” Netizens talk about the top 20 best selling albums in the world

Top 20 best selling albums in the world

6.Stray Kids

14.Stray Kids

[+71, -27]

1. [+92, -16] Stray Kids sold well, but they didn’t make it into the Billboard Top 100, Spotify Global, and the annual Melon chart

2. [+65, -13] Stray Kids sold well but it’s weird that no one knows any of their songs;;

3. [+31, -15] Stray Kids~

4. [+22, -10] Anyone who sees this will think that K-Pop is leading the world music industry, but except for BTS, everything is bubbles

5. [+16, -2] Out of them, BTS has the fewest album versions, but their ranking is the highest

6. [+13, -4] It’s really different from Korea.. I don’t even know any songs except BTS and Seventeen

7. [+4, -5] Congratulations to Stray Kids!

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Only BTS can actually back their sales up with streams.


so Twice is out. Not even US in their list


lol they only have sales but no stream. No different with skz


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🤣 what? previous post once said twice are big in the us sales n stream higher than bp. where us tho? and japan not even half million. Dragging nj with playlist just for their faves to do horribly. I guess they need playlist too😜


So you saying NJs playlist is true. Thanks for the clarification


stray kidz are the biggest flops
ugly plastic monster hyunjin kick out he bully women

Handsome hyunjin

He never bully woman. You are jealous because sakura flop

Color color stan

You’re right, he bullied GIRLS, that’s so much worse lol

nickname doko?

women support women more like woman simping over a guy that look down at women ew


Blonks think their sluts are at BTS level but even 4th gen bg are more popular lmao


it’s not like you love bts anyway!
I saw you shitting on them many times Lol


No that was that blonk impersonating me ffs


4th gen bg not charting bbhot100


Neither does slutpink


I dont care about them. Nj charted longer than them and any 4th gen bg


Obviously? I was not saying 4th gen bg where doing well lmao they’re flop, i was just saying bundlepink flopped even more than them

fuck ditto -

You’re probably a piece of shit in real life.


Focus on Ratmon, Pigmin, Sluthyung, Nosecock, Jhorse, Jinhag, and JimJones stan, Suga.


Keep lying to yourself


of course because their fans love sucking small dick.


Btch u don’t even stan bts


Focus on Ratmon, Pigmin, Sluthyung, Nosecock, Jhorse, Jinhag, and JimJones stan, Suga.


skz have many versions that’s why


same as seventeen.


Still less versions than bundlepink tho


You are too obsessed with Blackpink. They will never be irrelevant I fear.

mother dozen

you’re most likely not an american considering blackpink’s demographics because i can assure you, blackpink here in the us is as irrelevant as it gets😭 their fans just think having twinks who stan western artists means people
care about them but they will immediately turn their backs on blackpink if they ever reach more success than their western faves but i fear they never will. blackpink’s whole fandom is a bubble bc it’s just full of bitches who don’t like bts and think blackpink can defeat them😭


BTS fans full of desperate women need mental support that’s why they glorified bts suffering painful song. babying 7grown up men and acting like their mother the moment bts member get criticise. Th

mother dozen

a blink hating on women, who’s surprised? also finish your fucking sentence, you look like a dumbass leaving your entire paragraph hanging but i’m not surprised considering you stan high school dropouts!


Bp has 3 ver of albums compared to other ggs. NJs always has 7.

Saint Seungri

thanks for selling to mindless ugly incell fangirls. but the music is still shitty and the members are freaks 🙂 who cares

K army

All kpop grps except BTS are nugu grps… They sell 1000000 versions with cheap rates so obviously fans will buy albums only bcz of photocards nothing more…. That is why their songs streams doesn’t match with album sales

Nd company only cares about money from fans


bts trying hard with remixes to count into bbhot100. only jungkook could chart better. jhope jin namjoon only manage 1 week.


Solo stan are weird. Why act like jk is not a bts member lol. Why is it crime for bts to have remix but it’s okay for other western artist? The answer is bts remix sold well and they’re jealous lol. Nj, hobi and jin did well and outsold many kpop grp without promotion, radioplay and big playlisting. So shut up. Jk will spit on you🤭


That person only here to set BTS up, especially Jungkook. Ignore the troll.


jk charted higher than namjoon hobi jin. ‘jk will spit on you’ are you 5? he didn’t even read this site

Color color stan

Hey your prostitute mom called, she’s looking for you


lame reply

Color color stan

Still not as lame as you girl. Jungkook’s not gonna fuck you, you know 😂


Congrats again to BTS for getting this with only a 2ver anthology album!

Flava in ya ear

#4 and #5 are A students with loving families

Ladyboy lisa

Skz, the so called next bts 🤣🤣🤣


4. [+22, -10] Anyone who sees this will think that K-Pop is leading the world music industry, but except for BTS, everything is bubbles

This is the one! I’ve been saying they need to do something about those album versions and how many they take into consideration. These kpop groups are out here selling millions of copies due to the numerous versions of the same album they put out there, topping these lists but when you ask people about them and their existence it’s crickets.
And I’m not saying any of this with bad intent, it’s just the way things are.


Kpop stans really think kpop is dominating in music industry but in reality it’s not.


kpop is declining in the us, that’s why hybe wanted sm so bad so that they could expand to china


That’s… not true in the slightest 🤔 Sure, kpop isn’t doing great in the US, but that doesn’t mean HYBE has any interest in expanding to China.

Had they wanted that, they would’ve long capitalized on BTS’ maknae line’s popularity there, especially on Taehyung’s.

Last edited 13 days ago by stfu

Sales and Streams really don’t match. Only BTS have these two.

Yor not mi

the only time I ever hear Kpop songs being played is in Bubble Tea shops and a miniso. BTS included.

if kpop started taking over the mainstream north american radio, non-korean people would lose their shit and asian hate would be ^1000%. they already hate the chinese they dont need to hear repetitive kpop earsores blasting through the air waves

you armys pretend that butter and dynamite were a hits, but I bet you hybe sent influencers and advertisers incentives to use their songs. HYBE pays the way.


Lmao they can’t pay fcking radio and for playlists and you think they’ll pay low life influencers??? You are confusing hybe with yg and bp. They are the ones known for influencer marketing.
We don’t hv pretend. Butter and Dynamite ARE hits. Butter still has the biggest spotify debut week counter this decade. Dynamite still gets 1m+ streams or around a million. A LOT more than 97%kpop songs get in their past debut week. Stfu.


Pulled that straight out of your ass or you simply haven’t stepped outside in summer 2020 cause Dynamite was literally EVERYWHERE. Butter did its rounds as well, not as widely spread as Dyna, but definitely had a nice run.
By saying otherwise you’re just deluding yourself lol


Wow, it’s a shame that BTS get conflated with how other companies (and not just in kpop) are literally the main ones doing the heavy lifting for their artists when what BTS have is actual appeal and a company willing to capitalize on that.

I can see the confusion you have abt “paying the way” bc other kpop companies have been willing to lose profits just to do promos to create a false hype, but it’s pretty obvious that BTS’s company will only pay out for promos they can only profit off instead, bc they know BTS sells well on their own.

Tbf, it’s probably better from a company’s pov to only do deals they gain from instead of doing promo they actually lose money from. But with their reach, they could’ve actually played the money game those other companies do to put BTS more out there and actually pay for better marketing on their own, but they don’t. And with their profit reports surpassing every other Korean music company over the years, I can see why they don’t. F*ck capitalism.


That is untrue. BTS songs can be heard all over, and there are rare instances of break out songs winding up in the most pedestrian retail radio rotation from TXT, Twice, NewJeans and that one English song from Loona. Clothing stores, restaurants, pharmacies, wherever… maybe you should just go out a bit more.


This is the important of having a match number between sales and streams


Enhypen outsold TXTflop lmao


IFPI and BB need to filter out multiple versions tbh


I think it will happen cuz like how they aren’t still not addressed why they did not reveal this year their previous charts (ifpi global album sales chart and global vinyl album charts) and only one chart which is Global Album Chart (All Format). Maybe They just realized how ridiculous those numbers of physical sales (thanks to multiple versions) of some artists and yet digital and download album don’t match it.


They wont do that because their western darling, taylor swift did the same.

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