But what do you think if you only pick one song that is truly representative of BTS?

Is it Spring Day… or Dynamite

1. Dynamite

2. I can’t choose

3. Personally I think it’s MIC Drop…

4. If I had to choose between the two, it would be Spring Day

5. Dynamite… A song that even my parents know


7. Blood Sweat & Tears

8. I can’t help but think of HYYH

9. All BTS songs are good so it’s hard to choose

10. Why is there no DNA here..?

11. I think it’s HYYH

12. I can’t lose HYYH

13. I don’t know why, but I think it’s Fire

14. I can never choose

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I would say Fire or Run BTS, some song with powerful performance and lyrics


Fire, Run, I need u, IDOL, BS&T, Fake Love, Dynamite, Spring Day, Butter, Mic Drop, Dope

basically all their hit and popular songs


Personally i also think its mic drop


Do they have this conversation every month or is it the same article again and again?


I love how BTS’s music are so diverse that just one song isn’t enough to define them.

WhatsThe Point

This discourse is done so many times but I love how we can’t decide on one particular song cuz BTS has all hits


Lsg and ytc left the chat

Lazy Banana

LSG is the first ever Korean song to top the Hot100 chart and Yet to Come is the first song to debut on top of Melon’s Top100 and landed on #13 on the Hot100 too. I doubt your favs have done the same lmao. Blackpink who’s next to BTS has never ever touched the top 10 of the Hot100 so whoever your flop fav is, I doubt they even won a respectable daesang. Get the fuck outta here.


Wouldn’t ON be the best one? The message of the song resonates with what bts are the most. I feel like if pandemic didn’t happen it would have been the biggest bts song

Lazy Banana

The release of ON was so funny cause there were numerous discussions about how 2020 is such a bad year for BTS and that they already peaked since ON’s MV didn’t beat Boy With Luv’s record on Youtube. Even though ARMYs kept saying it didn’t flop especially since MOTS:7’s sales was crazy. But nah, kpoppies were celebrating the “end” of BTS.

Then Dynamite dropped and it was so fucking funny to see them fuming when they hit #1 on the Hot100 aaaand it was against such a big song: WAP. Even Gangnam Style wasn’t able to do that.

Now kpoppies are doing it again with YTC but they’re gonna cry if BTS even release any sort of group album this year because their chance at winning will be lost lol.


plz its mostly blonks who think the success of a song/ cb depends on yt views coz that’s the only thing they have when it comes to bragging.

My comment was more focused on the canceled tour coz you see when they started performing ON in their PTD concerts it unarguably was one of the highlights of the concert. Mots 7 was such a good album with banger ot7 songs, unit songs like ugh, 00:00, subunits songs like friends, respect, and the solos if that album had its full-fledged tour I dont think any tour could have surpassed that.

Kpoopies(mostly blonks) try so hard thinking this is it now its the downfall of bts but lol bts strikes, again and again, mots7 being the best-selling album to ytc being nominated for Grammys lol while they all cry in the corner.


Bangtan has many representative songs, because their style and identity as a group is very diverse. All of their songs have helped them grow and become better known. I can’t name just 10 songs, to say a number, there are so many to choose from. 


The heavily autotune DYNAMITE

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