But where is the proof that Jennie has a golden spoon??


1. There’s no proof, it’s just conjecture

2. She never mentioned her family background, she just said that she is from Cheongdam, Gangnam. Even fans don’t know about her family background

3. She’s from Cheongdam and she went to study abroad

4. When she was a trainee, she went shopping with her mother with a Hermès bag

5. Well, she has a diamond spoon anyway

6. She lived in Cheongdam and she studied abroad when she was a kid?

7. But if you live in Cheongdam, don’t you have a golden spoon?

8. Her birthplace is Cheongdam-dong, and her mother’s car is Porsche

9. But doesn’t the amount of money she earns surpass her parents’ fortune?

10. Isn’t her home a billion dollar mansion in Cheongdam???

11. There’s a picture of her getting out of a Porsche with her mother when she was a kid

12. She lived in Cheongdam

13. She went to study abroad

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