But where is the proof that Jennie has a golden spoon??


1. There’s no proof, it’s just conjecture

2. She never mentioned her family background, she just said that she is from Cheongdam, Gangnam. Even fans don’t know about her family background

3. She’s from Cheongdam and she went to study abroad

4. When she was a trainee, she went shopping with her mother with a Hermès bag

5. Well, she has a diamond spoon anyway

6. She lived in Cheongdam and she studied abroad when she was a kid?

7. But if you live in Cheongdam, don’t you have a golden spoon?

8. Her birthplace is Cheongdam-dong, and her mother’s car is Porsche

9. But doesn’t the amount of money she earns surpass her parents’ fortune?

10. Isn’t her home a billion dollar mansion in Cheongdam???

11. There’s a picture of her getting out of a Porsche with her mother when she was a kid

12. She lived in Cheongdam

13. She went to study abroad

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she was sent to New Zealand as a kid. her family has to at least be upper middle class to pay for that.


Chengdam is like where 1% live. She def came from more than upper middle


Live in Gangnam, studied abroad… Idk if it’s a golden spoon but her family is definitely rich.


Even her mom own chanel outfit when shes young lol. Her fan are trying so hard to deny that this girl is golden spoon lol

Ladyboy lisa

The most privileged idol


Why junglelady obsess with blackpink


Because jungc0ck is a creep that follows woman. He’s been following jennie and the pinks ever since cochella

Last edited 6 months ago by Nene
Bla bla

He went to Cochella to see kid Lorai s performance and ck because he is the global spokesperson seems like it’s the obsession is the other way around since when did blinks need his validation lol ,


He had BP concert wrist bands. He was stalking them and even cut his hair so no one would know. So creeppyy

Bla bla

Not as much as u sweetie


is stiff Jin, can’t sing but manage to debut


Seokjin can sing, has been praised by professionals for his vocals, he can dance and never ruined any BTS performance, and he has a great personality and star power. Meanwhile, Jisoo cannot hold a tune or sing a line without cracking her unpleasant voice, her lack of talent has been CALLED OUT by Rolling Stones, looks constipated every time she tries to move, and is as interesting as stale bread every time she’s on stage. Only reason both her and Jennie debuted is because Jennie’s filthy rich mom’s check was cleared for the both of them and was able to fund YG’s human trafficking and pedophile tendencies. Sit down.

Teenaged puppy

Golden spooned call girl Wbk




Imagine thinking hardworking is a drag lol only golden spoon and nepo stans will say that lol

Teenaged puppy


Color color stan and yg & teddy's 4 tramps

is that supposed to be a drag lololol. your girlies are pathetic leg spreaders for streams, now that is a drag


Jenny’s from anyang. Her namu wiki also says anyang. Yg just lied and said cheongdam to flex, until seo yeji happened and they stopped.

The actor guy also studied in nz, so did nichkhun. Minji, hani, jin, skz han, eunwoo, btob hyunsuk, chungha (from texas but can’t speak fluently), etc also studied abroad. So all of them are at jennie’s lvl? Nah, jennie’s just at their lvl. For studying abroad at least.


Ratmys are even bothered with Jennie’s wealth status lmao. 😭 I get it why yall mad cause your faves are slaves of Hybe and from poor family.

Slvthyung likes being passed around by wooga

Armchairs are always in pinks business. They are more interested in our girls than their favs

Slvthyung likes being passed around by wooga

Rich or not she worked hard to be where she is now. I’m so proud of her 😭

Last edited 6 months ago by Slvthyung likes being passed around by wooga
Ladyboy lisa

Yup by passed around 😂

Jungkook transgender

Nosekook again

Bla bla

U stan him or the girls ? U seem to care too much about him


Nosekook likes getting his 🍤 wet putting it in every woman he sees and also his bandmates pigmin and wh0rehyung

Bla bla

Damn u seem obsessed with the girls when blinks and Army’s learn to mind thier bussiness,that’s the day kpop will have some peace


Hardwork aka being lazy


She’s been seoul cycling ever since she was a trainee to debut


Come on, if jenn wasn’t rich, could she be a trainee at yg? Majority of interns at large companies are wealthy

Color color stan and yg & teddy's 4 tramps

She probably got her money from sleeping with yg so she got called yg’s princess, and sleeping with men for streams. this girl really got passed around she’s called transit girl in korea 😂


Honestly, the fact that Jennie’s dad is still unknown is SUSPICIOUS.

He must be a really powerful guy.

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