But why doesn’t BTS tell us the enlistment date!?

Isn’t the enlistment date usually announced to the fans?

1. Are they afraid of the crowd of fans and reporters????

2. BTS has a lot of fans, so they’re more careful

3. BTS’ fandom is huge

4. ARMYs don’t complain about it because they respect BTS’ privacy and safety

5. There are other normal people too, so it’s dangerous to gather around

6. Safety comes first, they have to take care of other soldiers, and since everyone is in the military, they don’t want to get in trouble

7. BTS… is on another level… The fans from all over the world will go to…

8. They care about the other soldiers and their families, so they tell the fans not to go there

9. If they tell the fans their enlistment date, even if they tell the fans not to go there, someone will definitely go there

10. Because BTS has a lot of fans

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