But why doesn’t BTS tell us the enlistment date!?

Isn’t the enlistment date usually announced to the fans?

1. Are they afraid of the crowd of fans and reporters????

2. BTS has a lot of fans, so they’re more careful

3. BTS’ fandom is huge

4. ARMYs don’t complain about it because they respect BTS’ privacy and safety

5. There are other normal people too, so it’s dangerous to gather around

6. Safety comes first, they have to take care of other soldiers, and since everyone is in the military, they don’t want to get in trouble

7. BTS… is on another level… The fans from all over the world will go to…

8. They care about the other soldiers and their families, so they tell the fans not to go there

9. If they tell the fans their enlistment date, even if they tell the fans not to go there, someone will definitely go there

10. Because BTS has a lot of fans

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Color color stan

Lol only non fans will be asking this question or a sasaeng because ARMYs will not go to that location anyway

Logic Thinker

The fact we don’t care about the location and date. I just want the date just to make the countdown.

In that moment they are not BTS they are just citizens so we don’t want to go there and cause trouble.

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Yeah, I wouldn’t mind a date reveal after it happens, just for smt to countdown from.


so that crazy ppl like you wont go to them jin literally had to beg army to not come yet reporters and some so-called fans showed up.

their safety is more important than anything you all wish for and just like jin I am sure they will post pics and release bb as a good bye so stop being selfish


their safety is more important than anything you all wish for and just like jin I am sure they will post pics and release bb as a good bye so stop being selfish


ofc the reporters came, they were the ones who leaked the enlist date anyway. jin or the agency didn’t even plan to release the date hence he was shocked and beg people not to come. i really hate those kmedias and their ways to get informations. i hope jhope or other members won’t experience the same thing


You will be surprised to find out that every fandom have psycho aka sasaeng. Did you think you flop fav doesnt have psycho? Its just that you flop fav have small fandom and most of them also obsessed with bts..just like you lol

White cat

Cause enlistment is something private and they have the right to be with their friend and family peacefully.


I want to slap ts. Who tf are you to tell you the enlistment date???

WhatsThe Point

As BTS always said “safety first, safety second, safety third”
They care abt the other fellow men who are abt to enlist and their families. Announcing the dates would cause a huge crowd which is not good.


Even flop idols have psycho fans so if your favs don’t then maybe they have like 10 fans 💀


Because they want to enlist peacefully (?) What even is this question? 😭


Didn’t a bunch of reporters, even some from CNN and other foreign outlets, go when Jin’s date was leaked? And fans even decorated the surrounding area too (which is better than actually going there, ig).

But we should respect that this is a private matter that they participate in as private citizens and not a BTS or celebrity event.

Logic Thinker

No one banner is a thing but the ones who were there were some international reporters and some solo Stan from outside Korea. Reporters were also so surprised ARMYs were not there they praised the fans.

Last edited 8 months ago by Logic Thinker

Hobi and the other enlisted have the right to spend that time alone with family and friends. I’m sure Bit Hit will say that when he’s already inside and that will be for the best.


this knetz think bts is just some random kpop group where no one shows up lolllll,,,,,,,


why would they? they’re not obligated to tell us anything about their private lives.

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