But why is TWICE so popular in the US??

They don’t do individual activities and the songs have Korean vibes, aren’t aimed at the US market, but what’s surprising is that they’re really popular in the US. What is the reason??

TWICE is #1 in terms of physical album sales in the US among girl groups

1. When TWICE made their comeback, foreigners covered their dance a lot

2. The reason why TWICE is so popular in Korea (music video, visuals, addictive choreography + good songs), it’s also the reasons why they exploded in the US and created a core fandom

3. TWICE is doing well in the US.. If you look at the album sales, they don’t seem to have captured the public yet, but they did a good job of targeting the fans??

4. They don’t do well on Spotify, right?

5. Regardless of the country, they are all pretty and dance well, they are famous and people have no choice but to like them

6. I just feel that there’s a color that only TWICE can create

7. They have a core fandom in the US

8. TWICE is not only popular in the US but also in Europe

9. All the songs they released recently were well received overseas, right?

10. You can’t help but like TWICE

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