But why is TWICE so popular in the US??

They don’t do individual activities and the songs have Korean vibes, aren’t aimed at the US market, but what’s surprising is that they’re really popular in the US. What is the reason??

TWICE is #1 in terms of physical album sales in the US among girl groups

1. When TWICE made their comeback, foreigners covered their dance a lot

2. The reason why TWICE is so popular in Korea (music video, visuals, addictive choreography + good songs), it’s also the reasons why they exploded in the US and created a core fandom

3. TWICE is doing well in the US.. If you look at the album sales, they don’t seem to have captured the public yet, but they did a good job of targeting the fans??

4. They don’t do well on Spotify, right?

5. Regardless of the country, they are all pretty and dance well, they are famous and people have no choice but to like them

6. I just feel that there’s a color that only TWICE can create

7. They have a core fandom in the US

8. TWICE is not only popular in the US but also in Europe

9. All the songs they released recently were well received overseas, right?

10. You can’t help but like TWICE

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Karina melon

Stupid pann.. Why?! They have a lot us fans… Stop asking stupid question


Their us fandom is quite strong tbh, sure they are not popular with the gps there yet but they have lots of us fans and that what’s matter at the end of the day tbh.

Ladyboy lisa

Seems like their music secured core fandom in US


coz they work hard and not wannabe influencers who know nothing but be slut on stages people love watching their stages not the lazy dolls

Slvthyung likes to be passed around by wooga

How can you say things like that?

It’s fact. Just look at jennie’s bikini collection at the concert and her twerking was so unpleasant to the eyes that even the dancer didn’t wanna look. Seoul cycle for a reason.

spicy spice

their concert plan was kinda shocking for me tbh.


Because twice’s constant hardwork and great songs secured a core fanbases. All that influencer stuff only gets you seasonal fans but twice functions like a traditional kpop group rather than riding on mediaplay, luxurious outfits and brands to make money.

There is a reason why BP recorded less album sales than twice in US despite releasing album after years lmao and having continuous US directed promo. BP contrary to belief gets most of their sales from SEA countries, Thailand and China being major contributors. US people favors talent and hardwork more while SEA’s being the tryhards they are get easily swayed by outward glamour and luxury.


Nobody is reading that


if you cant read 3 sentences then you have something to work on lol


literally all those BTS faggots have been licking western TV hosts, western artists and producers’ asses for years to be relevant in the US. Nosekook is seen at a studio in the US, he definitely slept with Scoter Braun and sucked his dick. Ain’t no group outdoing BTS when it comes to western promos

The truth

Spilled. Twice did this without mediaplay, no collabs, no push from their company, no speaking english members, no bs from influencers. They got this big because of their charisma and hardwork.


Twice are memeable. They seem genuine. Their US aimed songs are songs that have literally gotten me through a traffic jam. They’re kid-friendly so the moms in America are gonna eat that shit up.

Like aiming to moms for their kids to listen to is a smart marketing move. They overall have a style that will be liked no matter where they are. They also are extremely LGBTQ+ friendly. They appeal to everyone.


i would disagree with kid friendly with their current releases and general antics lol
however they are gay friendly though, dubu is like catnip lol

Teenaged puppy

Blinks found in a ditch after all the western media play but their fandom still lags behind Twice’s who barely promotes in the west. One day knets will realize no one cares about bp but Asia


Twice is only known among kpop stans. Nobody knows them outside kpop bubbles.


besides bts and psy they are all only really known to kpop fans

Teenaged puppy

As is BP so what’s your point

The truth

None knows who tf is bp in America so what now? Did they hit #1 on hotbb? None listens to them except other kpop fans and bots.

Color color stan and yg & teddy's 4 tramps

Because they don’t sleep with old ceos just for streams lolololol unlike the seoul cycles at yg


literally all those BTS faggots have been licking western TV hosts, western artists and producers’ asses for years to be relevant in the US. Nosekook is seen at a studio in the US, he definitely slept with Scoter Braun and sucked his dick. Ain’t no group outdoing BTS when it comes to western promos


what is seoul cycle?


Jennie the lazy Queen aka broken ankles also known as Seoul culycle cuz she gets passed around by men after months getting f*cked


damn that aint a pretty term

Slvthyung likes to be passed around by wooga

Flop once getting brave when BP is worldwide famous

Ladyboy Lisa

Worlwide = SEA 😂

Slvthyung likes to be passed around by wooga

I feel bad talking bad about other groups but I will never go low as them

John Xina

And Mamamoo and Red Velvet? Even BP are 7 yrs old and their latest tours in the US is struggling hard compared to Twice and even when they went and begged fans in Target they couldn’t sell 50% of what Twice did. So what now?


Koreans need to understand that the average US and western consumer would rather listen to Moonlight Sunrise or Set Me Free rather than songs like Pink Venom.

70s/80s aesthetic still has a grip on us. even with the resurgence of Y2k style.


Okay??? but I guess those average US and western consumers are not enough cause SMF literally flopped despite releasing remixes it did not debut on Hot 100, did not top US itunes, Youtube chart, didn’t even debut in US Spotify or Apple music chart in the US.💀

Pink Venom literally smashed a lot of records. It topped US iTunes, debuted top 6 in US spotify, US Apple Music, trending and charted #1 on US Youtube. It also charted in Billboard Streaming Songs, meanwhile Twice songs did not.


Why didn’t pann users’ parents get an abortion when they had the chance? What a waste of space and air…


JYP mediaplay is insane lol


No mediaplay when numbers and album sales speak for itself lmao

super sally

Stop throwing away that term so loosely when trying to argue in Kpop. The only ones who have been proven to use mediaplay is YG. I know you guys are ashamed of that fact, which is why you try to use it to other kpop groups to try and make it seem like it is an even playingfield. But the truth of the matter is that Twice achieved everything thanks to the members and fans, everything they have came organically, which is such a foreign concept for BP fans.

The truth

The passive aggressiveness in some comments… “they don’t do well on spotify?” Yes they do. They do better than most groups with weird higher album sales from cbars.

And for the record, absolutely no kpop group has GP interest in the States. The one above TWICE is BTS because their fandom is just massive. They make a lot buzz and some people outside of the kpop bubble knows who is BTS but not necessarily know everything about the boys.

Some people cannot stand TWICE being 1st in the US as a kpop female groups because they were already 1st in SK for years and now they are blocking their faves one more time but in another country. Such toxic fans from those groups already know is imposible to beat them in Japan so why that’s they don’t even mention it anymore.


Bichass keep Twice’s name out off your dirty mouth.


Acting like we haven’t read twice hate tweets like a newspaper. I ain’t buying this.

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