Can’t HYBE singers attend this year’s Gayo Daejejeon?

Can’t HYBE singers attend this year’s Gayo Daejejeon?

I miss the performances of NewJeans and LE SSERAFIM

1. They won’t attend, they will do Weverse Con on that day

2. If MBC doesn’t apologize, they won’t attend

3. They won’t attend, MBC is just taking advantage of their popularity

4. It’s not that they can’t attend, it’s that they don’t

5. It’s a pity that I won’t be able to watch NewJeans and LE SSERAFIM’s stage ㅜㅜ

6. We can see them on Weverse Con

7. I think Weverse Con will be more fun

8. The lineup of HYBE concert is great, so I’m looking forward to it

9. Can’t you watch Weverse Con if you don’t have Weverse account? I’m not a fan, I just want to see their stage

10. I’m a fan of HYBE idols, I like Weverse Con more than Gayo Daejejeon

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All this because MBC can’t accept the fact that BTS chose the New Year concert at Times Square instead of their show .

Honestly this can be solved if both sides want to solve it like MBC get something from it and Hybe also get something from them solving this problem , I think from what I see they only have problems with mbc shows that will be airing on TV since they can attend MBC radio shows and MBC online shows like It’s Live . I don’t really see Hybe want to settle it since they want to do their Weverse New Year concert too but well who knows


But hey weverse con will be more fun this year , not sure if bts will perform again , I could see Hoseok performing his solo too and if another bts member comes out with his solo album before the concert happens , I think they also will perform here especially if they don’t do any music show promotions like Hoseok and we got Newjeans and Lesserafim ☝🏻 Not sure about the jp groups tho , kinda wanna see the girl group that they formed with LDH 🏃🏻 But it’s packed I guess we got txt , enhypen, svt, fromis9, lesserafim, newjeans, baekho, leehyun, and possibly BTS . Not really sure if Zico’s label will be joining

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