CDs can’t be recycled, K-pop generates garbage

CDs can’t be recycled… K-pop generates garbage?

1. Buying hundreds of CDs that you don’t listen to is destroying the environment and it’s a waste

2. I totally agree, to be honest, when I hear that a group has sold over 1 million copies, the first thing that comes to my mind is ‘Well, how many copies will be thrown away?’

3. This is fandom culture that singers and fans have nothing to say even when they are criticized

4. I bought it because I want to own at least one CD of my idols

5. K-Pop needs to change. I actually saw someone throw away CDs in public

6. Stop making CDs, they can replace them with digital albums

7. I hope they find a way and change it soon

8. Just remove the charts that are related to the album

9. Just buy a ticket for the fan signing and go;;

10. Please… Who listens to the CD these days?

11. Unless the industry changes, the fans won’t change

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kpop companies can’t change to digital albums solely because 80% of the fandom will complain, some charts does not count digital albums, most fans also feel like buying digital album is useless cause it’s just papers and cards, and I see some people said that these digital albums are not giving them the satisfaction as buying an album with a cd plus they want something that they can put on their shelves. kpop digital albums we see rn are small and some are just flat, thin, you can’t arrange them on shelves because they fall too easily


There’s nothing wrong with having physical albums. It has been done for ages but there has to be a limit to how many there are per album release like 2-4 versions max. More than that is just pushing it and contributing to pollution and all of the mess.


Agreed. Most fans who buy albums are also album collectors, like myself, and digital albums just aren’t the same. It’s better for companies to limit the variety of each album and/or have alternatives for fans who want the extras from each version without including another cd.


Instead of depriving people of the joy and desire to collect albums of their favorite artists, it is necessary to establish strict restrictions on the number, quality, price and content of albums. These issues are 5-10 or more versions of the same album in different packaging with different photos, different booklets in different variations, this is fraud and extortion from fans. Plus it’s pointless for this reason so many albums end up in the trash. 2-4 versions were more than enough, 4 even a lot.


Maybe if charts count digital albums like why not attached a QR code to a photobook with PCs that serve as an album to chart?? Fans can keep the photobook, PCs and just need to scan the QR code to play the songs.🤷🏻‍♀️


Because it’s pointless. Fans will also massively buy photobooks, they will keep something for themselves, they will try to sell / donate / give the rest, and what remains will end up in the trash like albums.In addition, companies still need to earn money so they will increase the number of versions of photobooks and versions as with albums.

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Didnt jhope already try this? No cd thing and fans were made crying about how the company was sabotaging him


Why they use aespa image when most of not all albums in the streets are male idol albums who get over 3 million sales? Using girls to damage the image when it’s actually boy groups fans doing that

Jon Xina

Start fining companies and BG’s.

The funiest had to be BlackPink speaking at the UN about environmental issues while also promoting mass buying and YG Plus working with their China bars to do 800+k non shipped back albums that went straight to landfill.

4 truly despicable girls.


The Korean music industry has to limit the number of versions of an album already! What’s the point of having 15 or 20 versions of an album that has exactly the same songs? The maximum should be 4 versions and it already seems like a lot to me. 


the reality is that EVERY group is pulling these numbers because of mass buying. all the cds land in the trash can or rot in abandoned warehouses.


Didn’t bts sell most albums? Why when we talk about making garbage no one would post bts picture? The double standard


Bc bts no longer sold the most albums and they actually back up their album sales with their streams and concert attendees.


They should limit album versions to 2 max and filter out bulk buying and stop using album sales as lottery for fan signs. Industry needs to change fr bc its getting grotesque


that’s seventeen fans bulk buying and then throwing the albums in trashbin as soon as they get the photocards

YG Pharmacy

This make Seungri a lot better, as he don’t create waste. People use his goods for health benefits.

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