CDs can’t be recycled, K-pop generates garbage

CDs can’t be recycled… K-pop generates garbage?

1. Buying hundreds of CDs that you don’t listen to is destroying the environment and it’s a waste

2. I totally agree, to be honest, when I hear that a group has sold over 1 million copies, the first thing that comes to my mind is ‘Well, how many copies will be thrown away?’

3. This is fandom culture that singers and fans have nothing to say even when they are criticized

4. I bought it because I want to own at least one CD of my idols

5. K-Pop needs to change. I actually saw someone throw away CDs in public

6. Stop making CDs, they can replace them with digital albums

7. I hope they find a way and change it soon

8. Just remove the charts that are related to the album

9. Just buy a ticket for the fan signing and go;;

10. Please… Who listens to the CD these days?

11. Unless the industry changes, the fans won’t change

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