Cha Eunwoo looked tired at the event in Thailand today

Cha Eunwoo appeared at the photowall of the event in Thailand today

1. He looks so tired

2. Cha Eunwoo fighting!!!!

3. Eunwoo, you did so well today, see you tomorrow!!

4. He looks tired but he’s so handsome

5. Eunwoo, are you okay?

6. But Cha Eunwoo’s hair really suits him

7. He really looks like a prince

8. Isn’t he a prince going to promote national prestige…?

9. Seeing his face makes me cry ㅠㅠㅠ Eunwoo-ah, you did well

10. He looks so sad

11. Wow… he’s so handsome

12. I’m not a fan, but I want to support him

13. Eunwoo, take care of your health

14. I think he lost a lot of weight

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it’s sad he has to continue to work while grieving but i respect him


he oonly cares about money


How did you know that he’s after money???? Shut up if you dont have proof!


lol this dude doesn’t give a fuck. business as usual 💀💀

Your favs hater

None give a fuck about your cheap thought. Leave him alone mf . He is already having a hard time.


Oh really??? Just because eunwoo attended an event means he doesnt fucking care! Do you have proof???


he loos the same he is a robot and he is the reason his friend is gone , because he is selfish and got all the promo in their company


Are you close with eunwoo to know he’s selfish???? And why would he be the reason why his friend is gone??? Someone like you are the reason why people die, your words full of hate and accusations. I hope it wont happen to you because KARMA is just around the corner.

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