Chaumet Ambassador Cha Eunwoo who attended Chaumet event in real time

1. He’s seriously so handsome

2. His face is really small

3. I think he would be suitable for the role of a vampire…

4. Eunwoo, just looking at your face makes me so happy

5. His face is so amazing that I can’t see the jewelry

6. I agree that he looks like a mannequin

7. Wow… I can only admire

8. Cha Eunwoo really needs to be nice to his parents, he’s so handsome

9. Every time I see him, I just admire him…

10. I really want to live with that face even for a day..

11. I think I’ll stop breathing when I see him in real life

12. I can only see his face

13. He’s getting more and more mature and handsome

14. Are these journalist pictures???????????????? Crazy

15. Cha Eunwoo is perfect

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