Chinese media strongly criticized Jang Wonyoung for her recent statement

Chinese media strongly criticized Jang Wonyoung, “The silver phoenix hairpin, not Korean culture… Don’t steal anymore”

1. Wonyoung is ours and the hairpin is ours too

2. Don’t touch Wonyoung

3. Stop coveting other people’s culture

4. Since when do they use phoenix? Do they have any proof?

5. Jang Wonyoung and the phoenix hairpin are both Korean

6. The phoenix hairpin is ours and Wonyoung is ours too

7. I don’t even know what their culture is

8. I really hate China

9. After all, they can’t live without Korea ^^

10. If you are cursed in China, it means you did well. Wonyoung is the best

11. Why do they keep stealing other people’s culture after burning their own culture?

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