Chinese netizens could not recognize BLACKPINK’s Lisa without bangs

A photo of Blackpink’s Lisa at supermodel Noemi Campbell’s birthday party was released where Lisa had no bangs.

As soon as the photo came out, Chinese netizens were confused and failed to recognize Lisa.

‘Lisa can’t be recognized’ started trending under hot search at top 5 with over 800k searches.

Netizens commented,

‘Is this Lisa?’

‘She doesn’t look like herself’

‘Looks like an ordinary Thai girl’

‘She’s cute in bangs only’

‘The stylist did her dirty’

‘This is not Lisa right?’

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these comments are surprising because this is the most beautiful she has ever looked in my opinion


Yes I liked it too , her wavey hair also suits her


Chinese are all haggnie stans..I still remember how rude they were to lisa and favoured haggnie in that radio show


Not to mention how that’s the first time she looked the closest to her natural self


She has always been insecure about her HUGE forehead and this is the reason why. Girl looks basic and ugly despite having some extensions there to lower her hairline lmao.

Even her own mom didn’t spare her and used to make fun of her mega mind forehead.


Man free lisa from ratmies ijbol, fk that botched nose fagg, these events used to be so fun to us

Jimin got yes jams

Please stop being so harsh about lisman 😔 I think after his 15th nosejob Lisman looks quite decent


She looked different but it was good .


The hair and makeup look great, chinese are so used to alien looking faces


not a blink but I think she looks good there ? Out of every bp members, jisoo and lisa got better styling at events like this compared to the other two lol

Free uyghur

They jealous she ate up their faves in 2 events now lol, go back to eating insects u dirty murderers,
free the uyghur


C Jendogs are just racist. They forgot Koreans are more racist to chinese

Teenaged puppy

Aw I feel bad for lisaman

Last edited 6 months ago by Teenaged puppy
Ladyboy Lisa

Back to his nature as…

spicy spice

this is her “real” visual.


she and V are dating here


Lesbiean couple ♥

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