Chinese netizens criticize Chinese celebrities for attending BLACKPINK’s concerts

A list of Chinese celebrities who attended BLACKPINK’s concerts has been created

Angelababy who went to BLACKPINK’s concert in Hong Kong received malicious comments, and Cheng Xiao who injured his leg, was also criticized for being in a wheelchair to BLACKPINK’s concert in Macau

For your reference, BLACKPINK’s popularity is so high that the stadium is full and the ticket price is up to 17 million won

1. BLACKPINK is the best girl group in Korea, so they’re trying to control them. Well, like Japan in the past, they are openly killing the Korean Wave

2. 17 million won…?

3. BLACKPINK is too popular in China, so they always control them

4. Don’t the Chinese buy K-pop albums in bulk?

5. They have nothing to do

6. Those ba$tards steal Korean content and put it on Weibo after watching, why do they curse celebrities who enjoy Korean content by paying properly?

7. BLACKPINK is so popular in China even though there are no Chinese members??? Daebak

8. In fact, Angelababy is still hailed as a goddess on Weiboㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. They love Korea more than anyone else, so they can’t lose K-pop, Korean history, Hanbok, Kimchi or Taekwondo

10. BLACKPINK is the best

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