Chinese netizens criticize Chinese celebrities for attending BLACKPINK’s concerts

A list of Chinese celebrities who attended BLACKPINK’s concerts has been created

Angelababy who went to BLACKPINK’s concert in Hong Kong received malicious comments, and Cheng Xiao who injured his leg, was also criticized for being in a wheelchair to BLACKPINK’s concert in Macau

For your reference, BLACKPINK’s popularity is so high that the stadium is full and the ticket price is up to 17 million won

1. BLACKPINK is the best girl group in Korea, so they’re trying to control them. Well, like Japan in the past, they are openly killing the Korean Wave

2. 17 million won…?

3. BLACKPINK is too popular in China, so they always control them

4. Don’t the Chinese buy K-pop albums in bulk?

5. They have nothing to do

6. Those ba$tards steal Korean content and put it on Weibo after watching, why do they curse celebrities who enjoy Korean content by paying properly?

7. BLACKPINK is so popular in China even though there are no Chinese members??? Daebak

8. In fact, Angelababy is still hailed as a goddess on Weiboㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. They love Korea more than anyone else, so they can’t lose K-pop, Korean history, Hanbok, Kimchi or Taekwondo

10. BLACKPINK is the best

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Like Crazy

I’m sure the reason the tickets are so expensive is because they knew all their concerts would be half empty (and they indeed are) so they can blame their flop on the price


Empty is micky mouse song from hot 100 🤣🤣 -40

Like Crazy

And blackpink have never been in the top 100 lmao


Um they have multiple songs in the HOT 100, what?


micky= bp 😂😂😂😂🖕🖕🖕

Taennie only

You think Chinese are poor and from a third world country? 😭 Didn’t your Pigmin fave has Chinese Bar too that made extravagant birthday projects for your boy??? Or only V cbar cause pigmin is ugly and has no rich chinese fans? 🤭


It screams fraudulent when 80% of your sales and as well as preorders (and also in which preorders and sales did not match) were from china


they do match tho i’d be more concerned about ur token gg

Like Crazy

She’s dating GD. V would never ever look at her


God gives u eyes, but u choose to be blind🤣🤣

Like Crazy

Have you seen the lyrics jennie wrote ? 🤢 First time in her life she’s writing and it’s that… No wonder people call her Seoul cycle
“Lock me up and throw away the key
Push me and choke me till I pass out
We don’t need to bе in love, no
I don’t gotta be the onе, no
I just wanna be one of your girls tonight”


Is your oppar starving yall that much?? Just say you are a blink already

Teenaged puppy

What do you expect from a whore


y’all keep up with whatever she’s doing too much for non stans


Chinese entertainment is too strict and they barely have music show so ofc the teenagers will always consume kpop


no wonder why bp hate blinks & never talk to them lmaooooo 😂😂😂

Teenaged puppy



Those netizens are just jealous because those artists and other fans who attended the concert can afford to buy what they want, like concert tickets to see a group they like in another country. Sometimes there are trending posts about blackpink on weibo, like their fancams and outfits because many like blackpink. Those few netizens screeching about them attending the concert don’t represent every chinese person.

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